National Express West Midlands f
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National Express West Midlands fleetnumbers 4001-4224

Allocation Fleetnumber Registration Chassis Chassis number Body Body number Notes
Wolverhampton 2957 D957 NDA MCW Metrobus DR102/59 MB8722 MCW CH43/26F   Preserved vehicle
Walsall (not restored) 3035 MOF 35 Guy Arab IV FD71732 Metro Cammell H30/25R   Preserved vehicle
Yardley Wood 3225 MOF 225 Daimler CVG6 18186 Crossley H30/25R   Preserved vehicle
Pensnett 3301 SM 65 WNC Wrights StreetDeck SA9DDRSXX15141082 Wrights H45/29F AM510 Julie Anne
Pensnett 3302 SL 16 YPM Wrights StreetDeck SA9DDRSXX16141230 Wrights H45/29F AN149 Dana Louise
Pensnett 3303 SL 16 YPN Wrights StreetDeck SA9DDRSXX16141231 Wrights H45/29F AN150 Neve
Pensnett 3304 SL 16 YPO Wrights StreetDeck SA9DDRSXX16141232 Wrights H45/29F AN151 Alicia Lillian
Pensnett 3305 SL 16 YPP Wrights StreetDeck SA9DDRSXX16141233 Wrights H45/29F AN152 Sarah Ann
withdrawn (GB) 4023 V423 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C618XC000004 Plaxton President H45/29F 6474  
Dundee 4025 V425 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C617XC000009 Plaxton President H45/29F 6596  
Dundee 4026 V426 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C613XC000010 Plaxton President H45/29F 6597  
Dundee 4028 V428 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C614XC000016 Plaxton President H45/29F 6599  
withdrawn 4032 V 32 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61XXC000019 Plaxton President H45/29F 6603  
Dundee 4036 V 36 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C611XC000023 Plaxton President H45/29F 6607  
withdrawn 4065 V 65 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C619XC000058 Plaxton President H45/29F 6636  
withdrawn 4066 V466 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61XXC000053 Plaxton President H45/29F 6637  
withdrawn 4067 V 67 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C611XC000054 Plaxton President H45/29F 6638  
withdrawn 4068 V 68 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C613XC000055 Plaxton President H45/29F 6639  
withdrawn 4070 V470 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C610XC000059 Plaxton President H45/29F 6641  
withdrawn 4073 V 73 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C610XC000062 Plaxton President H45/29F 6644  
Dundee 4076 V 76 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C616XC000065 Plaxton President H45/29F 6647  
Dundee 4117 W117 DOP Volvo B7TL YV3S2C612YC000114 Plaxton President H45/29F 6688  
Dundee 4121 W421 DOP Volvo B7TL YV3S2C613YC000123 Plaxton President H45/29F 6692  
Dundee 4122 W122 DOP Volvo B7TL YV3S2C616YC000164 Plaxton President H45/29F 6693  
Dundee 4123 W523 DOP Volvo B7TL YV3S2C617YC000125 Plaxton President H45/29F 6694  
Dundee 4124 W124 DOP Volvo B7TL YV3S2C619YC000126 Plaxton President H45/29F 6695  
Walsall 4125 Y716 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR2YGX31334 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/1  
Walsall 4127 Y718 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31341 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/3  
trainer 4129 Y721 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR2YGX31337 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/5  
trainer 4131 Y723 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR2YGX21320 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/7  
withdrawn 4132 Y724 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31339 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/8  
reserve (PN) 4133 Y726 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31340 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/9  
Wolverhampton 4134 Y727 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31342 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/10  
withdrawn 4135 Y728 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31353 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/11  
Wolverhampton 4136 Y729 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31372 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/12  
withdrawn 4137 Y731 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31354 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/13  
withdrawn 4139 Y733 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31367 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/15  
withdrawn (MS) 4141 Y735 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31365 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/17  
withdrawn (MS) 4143 Y737 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31368 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/19  
withdrawn (MS) 4144 Y738 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31381 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/20  
withdrawn (MS) 4145 Y739 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31383 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/21  
withdrawn (MS) 4146 Y741 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31366 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/22  
Birmingham Central 4148 Y743 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31384 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/24  
withdrawn (MS) 4149 Y744 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31369 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/25  
Pensnett 4150 Y745 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31382 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/26  
Wolverhampton 4152 Y747 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31396 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/28  
Trainer 4153 Y748 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31377 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/29  
withdrawn 4154 Y749 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31397 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/30  
Walsall 4155 Y751 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31398 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/31  
Trainer 4157 Y753 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31400 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/33  
withdrawn (MS) 4159 Y756 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31405 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/35  
Wolverhampton 4160 Y757 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31406 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/36  
Trainer 4161 Y758 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31401 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/37  
withdrawn (MS) 4162 Y759 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31408 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/38  
Wolverhampton 4163 Y761 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31404 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/39  
withdrawn (WA) 4164 Y762 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31411 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/40  
withdrawn (BC) 4166 Y764 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31403 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/42  
withdrawn 4167 Y766 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31407 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/43  
withdrawn (MS) 4168 Y767 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31410 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/44  
withdrawn (WN) 4169 Y768 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31414 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/45  
withdrawn (MS) 4170 Y769 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31416 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/46  
withdrawn (MS) 4171 Y771 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31412 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/47  
Birmingham Central 4172 Y772 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31415 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/48  
Birmingham Central 4176 Y778 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31426 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/52  
Birmingham Central 4177 Y779 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31427 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/53  
Birmingham Central 4179 Y782 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31443 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/55  
withdrawn (PN) 4180 Y783 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31444 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/56  
Birmingham Central 4181 Y784 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31446 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/57  
Birmingham Central 4183 Y787 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31539 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/59  
Birmingham Central 4185 Y789 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31542 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/61  
withdrawn (MS) 4187 Y792 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31548 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/63  
withdrawn (MS) 4189 Y794 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31546 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/65  
Coventry 4190 Y795 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31547 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/66  
withdrawn (MS) 4194 Y799 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31562 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/70  
withdrawn (MS) 4196 Y802 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31564 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/72  
withdrawn (MS) 4197 Y803 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31565 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/73  
withdrawn 4198 Y804 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31566 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/74  
withdrawn (MS) 4201 Y807 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31569 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/77
withdrawn (CV) 4203 Y809 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31575 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/79  
withdrawn 4204 Y811 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31576 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/80  
withdrawn 4206 Y813 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31578 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/82  
withdrawn 4207 Y814 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31588 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/83  
withdrawn 4209 Y816 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31590 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/85  
Coventry 4210 Y817 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31591 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/86  
Coventry 4211 Y818 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31592 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/87  
Coventry 4212 Y819 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31599 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/88  
withdrawn 4213 Y821 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31600 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/89  
withdrawn 4214 Y822 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31601 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/90  
withdrawn 4215 Y823 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31602 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/91  
Coventry 4217 Y825 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31619 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/93  
Coventry 4218 Y826 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31620 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/94  
Coventry 4219 Y827 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31621 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/95  
Coventry 4220 Y828 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31622 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/96  
Coventry 4221 Y829 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31623 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/97  
Coventry 4222 Y831 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31579 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/98  
Coventry 4223 Y833 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31639 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/99  
Vehicles from this batch now left the fleet  
preserved 4001 R  1 NEG DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H005020 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8620  
Midland Classic 4002 R  2 NEG DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H005430 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8621  
Scrapped 4003 S403 NVP DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007115 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8647  
  4004 S404 NVP DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007114 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8648  
  4005 S405 NVP DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007117 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8649  
scrapped 4006 S406 NVP DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007116 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8650  
scrapped 4007 S407 NVP DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007118 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8651  
scrapped 4008 S408 NVP DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007119 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8652  
  4009 S409 NVP DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007120 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8653  
non-PSV 4010 S410 NVP DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007121 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8654  
scrapped 4011 S411 NVP DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007122 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8655  
scrapped 4012 S412 NVP DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007123 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8656  
scrapped 4013 T413 UON DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007124 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8657  
Scrapped 4014 T414 UON DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007125 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8658  
  4015 T415 UON DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007126 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8659  
scrapped 4016 T416 UON DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007127 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8660  
  4017 T417 UON DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007128 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8661  
  4018 T418 UON DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007129 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8662  
scrapped 4019 T419 UON DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007130 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8663  
  4020 T420 UON DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007131 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8664  
  4021 T421 UON DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007132 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8665  
scrapped 4022 T422 UON DAF DE02RS DB250 XMGDE02RS0H007133 Optare Spectra H43/29F 8666  
Sharpes 4024 V424 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C617XC000008 Plaxton President H45/29F 6595  
Blueline 4027 V427 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C619XC000013 Plaxton President H45/29F 6598  
Ellie Rose 4029 V429 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C610XC000014 Plaxton President H45/29F 6600  
Scrapped 4030 V430 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C616XC000017 Plaxton President H45/29F 6601  
Blueline 4031 V431 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C618XC000018 Plaxton President H45/29F 6602  
  4033 V433 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C616XC000020 Plaxton President H45/29F 6604  
Transdev 4034 V 34 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C618XC000021 Plaxton President H45/29F 6605  
Sharpes 4035 V 35 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61XXC000022 Plaxton President H45/29F 6606  
Hunter 4037 V 37 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C613XC000024 Plaxton President H45/29F 6608  
Ellie Rose 4038 V 38 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C615XC000025 Plaxton President H45/29F 6609  
West Midlands Police 4039 V 39 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C617XC000026 Plaxton President H45/29F 6610  
withdrawn 4040 V440 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C619XC000027 Plaxton President H45/29F 6611  
Sharpes 4041 V 41 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C610XC000028 Plaxton President H45/29F 6612  
Blueline 4042 V 42 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C612XC000029 Plaxton President H45/29F 6613  
Andrews 4043 V 43 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C619XC000030 Plaxton President H45/29F 6614  
Green Bus 4044 V544 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C610XC000031 Plaxton President H45/29F 6615  
Blueline 4045 V 45 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C612XC000032 Plaxton President H45/29F 6616  
Stuarts 4046 V 46 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C614XC000033 Plaxton President H45/29F 6617  
Green Bus 4047 V 47 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C616XC000034 Plaxton President H45/29F 6618  
Dews 4048 V 48 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C618XC000035 Plaxton President H45/29F 6619  
Dews 4049 V 49 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61XXC000036 Plaxton President H45/29F 6620  
scrapped 4050 V450 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C613XC000038 Plaxton President H45/29F 6621  
Green Bus 4051 V 51 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C615XC000039 Plaxton President H45/29F 6622  
Hunter 4052 V 52 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C611XC000040 Plaxton President H45/29F 6623  
Eire 4053 V 53 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C613XC000041 Plaxton President H45/29F 6624  
Dews 4054 V 54 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C615XC000042 Plaxton President H45/29F 6625  
Andrews 4055 V455 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C619XC000044 Plaxton President H45/29F 6626  
Eire 4056 V 56 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C617XC000043 Plaxton President H45/29F 6627  
scrapped 4057 V 57 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C610XC000045 Plaxton President H45/29F 6628  
Fairway 4058 V 58 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C614XC000047 Plaxton President H45/29F 6629  
Ellie Rose 4059 V 59 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C612XC000046 Plaxton President H45/29F 6630  
Andrews 4060 V460 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C618XC000049 Plaxton President H45/29F 6631  
Ellie Rose 4061 V 61 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C616XC000048 Plaxton President H45/29F 6632  
Dundee college 4062 V 62 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C614XC000050 Plaxton President H45/29F 6633  
  4063 V 63 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C616XC000051 Plaxton President H45/29F 6634  
Ellie Rose 4064 V 64 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C617XC000057 Plaxton President H45/29F 6635  
Transdev 4069 V 69 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C615XC000056 Plaxton President H45/29F 6640  
non-PSV 4071 V 71 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C617XC000060 Plaxton President H45/29F 6642  
scrapped 4072 V 72 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C619XC000061 Plaxton President H45/29F 6643  
Transdev 4074 V 74 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C612XC000063 Plaxton President H45/29F 6645  
Scrapped 4075 V 75 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C618XC000066 Plaxton President H45/29F 6646
scrapped 4077 V477 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61XXC000067 Plaxton President H45/29F 6648  
Transdev 4078 V 78 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61XXC000070 Plaxton President H45/29F 6649  
scrapped 4079 V 79 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C618XC000052 Plaxton President H45/29F 6650  
Fairway 4080 V480 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C611XC000068 Plaxton President H45/29F 6651  
Hunter 4081 V 81 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C611YC000072 Plaxton President H45/29F 6652  
Fairway 4082 V 82 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C613XC000069 Plaxton President H45/29F 6653  
Scrapped 4083 V 83 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C611XC000071 Plaxton President H45/29F 6654  
Transdev 4084 V 84 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C614XC000064 Plaxton President H45/29F 6655  
Dews 4085 V 85 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C617YC000075 Plaxton President H45/29F 6656  
Ellie Rose 4086 V 86 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C613YC000073 Plaxton President H45/29F 6657  
A2B 4087 V 87 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C619YC000076 Plaxton President H45/29F 6658 5 Route branded
Scrapped 4088 V488 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C610YC000077 Plaxton President H45/29F 6659  
Sharpes 4089 V 89 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C612YC000078 Plaxton President H45/29F 6660  
Ellie Rose 4090 V490 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C614YC000079 Plaxton President H45/29F 6661  
Ellie Rose 4091 V 91 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C612YC000081 Plaxton President H45/29F 6662  
Hunters 4092 V 92 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C610YC000080 Plaxton President H45/29F 6663  
Fairway 4093 V 93 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C614YC000082 Plaxton President H45/29F 6664  
scrapped 4094 V 94 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C616YC000083 Plaxton President H45/29F 6665  
Green Bus 4095 V 95 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C618YC000084 Plaxton President H45/29F 6666  
Ellie Rose 4096 V 96 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61XYC000085 Plaxton President H45/29F 6667  
  4097 V 97 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C613YC000087 Plaxton President H45/29F 6668  
scrapped 4098 V 98 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C611YC000086 Plaxton President H45/29F 6669  
Blueline 4099 V499 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C615YC000088 Plaxton President H45/29F 6670  
Dews 4100 V410 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C617YC000089 Plaxton President H45/29F 6671  
Green Bus 4101 V101 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C613YC000090 Plaxton President H45/29F 6672  
Green Bus 4102 V102 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C615YC000091 Plaxton President H45/29F 6673  
Stuarts 4103 V103 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C615YC000074 Plaxton President H45/29F 6674  
Green Bus 4104 V104 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C617YC000092 Plaxton President H45/29F 6675  
Skylark (non-PSV) 4105 V105 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C619YC000093 Plaxton President H45/29F 6676  
Sharpes 4106 V106 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C610YC000094 Plaxton President H45/29F 6677  
scrapped 4107 V107 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C612YC000095 Plaxton President H45/29F 6678  
Scrapped 4108 V108 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C614YC000096 Plaxton President H45/29F 6679  
Andrews 4109 V109 MOA Volvo B7TL YV3S2C616YC000097 Plaxton President H45/29F 6680  
Stuarts 4110 W411 DOE Volvo B7TL YV3S2C618YC000098 Plaxton President H45/29F 6681  
Stuarts 4111 W411 DOP Volvo B7TL YV3S2C614YC000115 Plaxton President H45/29F 6682  
Green Bus 4112 W112 DOP Volvo B7TL YV3S2C618YC000117 Plaxton President H45/29F 6683  
Stuarts 4113 W113 DOP Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61XYC000118 Plaxton President H45/29F 6684  
Dews 4114 W114 DOP Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61XYC000099 Plaxton President H45/29F 6685  
Eire 4115 W415 BOV Volvo B7TL YV3S2C611YC000119 Plaxton President H45/29F 6686  
Stuarts 4116 W116 DOP Volvo B7TL YV3S2C610YC000113 Plaxton President H45/29F 6687  
Transdev 4118 W118 DOP Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61XYC000121 Plaxton President H45/29F 6689  
Transdev 4119 W119 DOP Volvo B7TL YV3S2C619YC000109 Plaxton President H45/29F 6690  
Transdev 4120 W412 DOE Volvo B7TL YV3S2C611YC000105 Plaxton President H45/29F 6691  
preserved 4126 Y717 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR2YGX31338 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/2  
scrap 4128 Y719 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR2YGX31336 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/4  
round table 4130 Y722 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR2YGX31335 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/6  
scrap 4138 Y732 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31376 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/14  
scrap 4140 Y734 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31374 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/16  
scrap 4142 Y736 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31373 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/18  
scrap 4147 Y742 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31375 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/23  
scrap 4151 Y746 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31385 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/27  
scrap 4156 Y752 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31399 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/32  
scrap 4158 Y754 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31402 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/34  
scrap 4165 Y763 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31413 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/41  
scrap 4173 Y773 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31423 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/49  
scrap 4174 Y774 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31424 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/50  
scrap 4175 Y776 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31425 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/51  
scrap 4178 Y781 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31445 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/54  
scrap 4182 Y785 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31447 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/58  
scrap 4184 Y788 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31538 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/60  
scrap 4186 Y791 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31541 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/62  
scrap 4188 Y793 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31540 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/64  
scrap 4191 Y796 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31550 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/67  
Coventry College 4192 Y797 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31549 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/68  
South & City College 4193 Y798 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31561 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/69  
scrap 4195 Y801 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31563 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/71  
scrap 4199 Y805 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31567 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/75  
scrap 4200 Y806 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31568 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/76  
scrap 4202 Y808 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31570 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/78  
scrap 4205 Y812 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31577 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/81  
scrap 4208 Y815 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31589 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/84  
scrap 4216 Y824 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31603 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/92  
scrap 4224 Y834 TOH Dennis Trident2 SFD334BR21GX31640 Alexander ALX400 H47/28F 0058/100  

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