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MOF 225

Daimler CVG6


Crossley H30/25R

New to Birmingham City Transport 9/54
withdrawn 1977
restored at Moseley Road Apprentice training centre and kept as a special events vehicle
allocated to Yardley Wood garage 6/98

Hagley Hall
29th December 2017

Yardley Wood Road
14th December 2017

4th August 2017

Yardley Church
30th July 2017

Tanworth in Arden
24th June 2017

Colmore Row, Birmingham
17th December 2016

Lichfield Road, Sutton Coldfield
3rd December 2016

Constitution Hill, Birmingham
19th September 2016

The White Swan, Hollywood
30th January 2016

Location: Trinity Road, Aston
6th December 2013

Location: Charlecote Pheasant Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon
16th November 2013

Location: Carrs Lane, Birmingham
21st July 2012

Location: Old Square, Birmingham
7th July 2012

Location: Crossfield Road, Lea Hall
9th April 2005 @ 10:39

Location: Yardley Wood garage
22nd October 2004 @ 13:56
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