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« on: July 27, 2017, 12:22:57 PM »
F.A.O - New Members:

When you first join, please take time out in your first week/weeks to read past threads & look at how the forum currently works/is set-up!!!

Please use the search facility (located top right-hand corner) to search for any questions you may like to ask before starting a new thread, as it's highly likely to have been asked before.


- Bombard the forum with 20+ posts within your first hours/day of joining
- Bombard existing members with PM's
- Open multiple new threads, particularly when they already exist or similar suitable already exist - ensure any threads you do start are located in the correct folders
- Post daft questions / rubbish or generally disrupt the workings of the forum & annoy existing members
- Ensure your posts are legible - i.e. proof read & spell check before posting

As all you will succeed in doing is annoying the existing long standing members, your threads will be locked and/or deleted and if it continues after warnings, you will find yourself banned permanently!

A zero tolerance will now apply to all new members that choose to ignore the above advice.

F.A.O ALL Members:

Anyone seen to be instigating an argument or joining in with an argument will be on the receiving end of a 1 week ban for starters (you will also be blocked from viewing the forum throughout the duration of your ban) – You will not be warned more than once, consider this an advanced warning! Persistent offenders will be permanently muted or removed for the forum & blocked from viewing!

1.   Do not spam the forum by posting random comments in as many threads a possible because you’re bored & have nothing else constructive to contribute

2.   Daft comments / daft suggestions / non-bus related posts / comments that could provoke or re-ignite an argument will be deleted without warning or explination

3.   General chit chat between individuals etc is to be kept off the forum, the rest of us don’t want to read it, that is what the ‘PM facility’ is for

4.   Check before posting an observation that it hasn’t already been posted, it doesn’t need posting 3 times in different threads, once is enough. If it has been posted before & you notice it, simply ignore it, we don’t want/need the ‘already posted’ comments......

5.   Check before replying to a post that it hasn’t already been answered, we don’t need things double/triple confirming. If it has already been answered & you notice it, simply ignore it, we don’t need the ‘already answered’ comments......

6.   Before creating new threads, search the forum to check whether another thread already exists by either using the search facility or by simply by checking the relevant category first – it is at Admin’s discretion whether they decide to merge it with an existing thread or just delete it

7. Personal attacks or the posting of personal information about another member on the forum will not be tolerated - You will be banned without warning!

8. Anyone found to be abusing the PM facility will also be banned! If you can't keep it friendly, ignore each other!

9.   Quoting:

All members please ensure when 'quoting' a previous message, that they type their text in the correct location underneath the [/quote] brackets to ensure it is apparent what is being quoted and it's clear which is their text.

If you notice your post is incorrectly quoted at a later date, please 'edit' it using the 'modify' tool on the right-hand side

When quoting an image posted in a thread, remove the image before replying so it doesn’t appear a number of times....

Code: [Select]
[quote]Text to be quoted here[/quote]

Your text here

10.   Noteworthy Workings Threads:

10a - NX Bus threads

‘Noteworthy Workings’ only to be posted in this thread  - Questions or comments relating to a Noteworthy Working are to be posted in the relevant garage thread, asked via a PM or not made at all. Adding a link to a photograph of a Noteworthy Working is acceptable. If it has been posted before & you notice it, simply ignore it, we don’t want/need the ‘already posted’ comments...... Only Tony to comment on whether or not the workings constitutes as being ‘Noteworthy’ or a regular occurrence. Any comments posted will simply be removed.

Please continue to view the spreadsheet below as to what does/doesn't constituent as a 'Noteworthy Working'

Please advise Stu via posting in the following thread should you notice any changes that need to be made to the spread sheet:

10b - Rotala / Diamond Buses

Please only report 'noteworthy workings' that you have seen for yourself with your own eyes, please refrain from reporting what you have seen from the Bus Tracker on the Diamond Buses website. There is every possibility that the driver has input the incorrect fleet number into the ticket machine.

11.   The word / decision of the owner/admin team is FINAL – No further comments/opinions are required! Anyone posting their opinions / passing comment on the forum after a decision has been made will receive a final warning, should any further comments be posted, you will be on the receiving end of a 1 week ban.

12. Please proof read all posts / comments to ensure that they are legible before posting or edit after posting. Please also spell check posts as required.

13. Anyone proven to be deceiving or lying about who they really are / what they do will simply be permanently removed from the forum.

14. All uploaded photo's / photo links are to be posted in the appropriate 'Photo link' folder, only photo links posting with a 'Noteworthy Working' will be acceptable on the main threads.

15. Do not identify drivers or other staff members by name, what they look like or confirm what rota's they typically work. The exception of course is when referring to or linking to external articles where staff have agreed to be identified, example UK Bus Awards or NX Bus website news.

16. Do not post hearsay regarding ANY bus operator, only post facts & observations. "Rumours" should be clearly stated as such, and not presented as 'facts'

17. Do not PM Tony requesting / demanding info.

If you wish to track down a particular bus, please post your request in the 'Buses to find' thread, Tony will respond if his time allows.

- Do NOT ask for future vehicle moves (Tony will confirm once vehicles have physically moved & only post details of advanced moves where he is authorized to do so).
- Do NOT ask for PVR's to confirmed or anything else that is deemed commercially sensitive.

18. Only a handful of threads should NOT be commented in, these are 'Noteworthy Workings' & 'Oddities', only Questions & Answer's should be posted in the 'Rotala Management - Questions & Answers' & 'Hansons Buses Official - Questions & Answers' threads. This is to simply keep them clear so no questions / queries are missed.

19. If you see any post that you feel is inappropriate, please use the Report To Moderator link to notify the admin/moderators to take action. Please refrain from taking action yourself, by replying to the post in an inappropriate manner. If you feel a discussion is becoming heated or argumentative, aggravating the situation further will only see action taken against yourself unnecessarily.

20. Do not post too much personal information, especially anything that could be used against you through bullying on/off the forum.

21. Please do not have a large / long signature, it 'annoys' other members when reading the forum. Maximum physical image size for Signature images should be 400 x 200 pixels, resizing using the BBcode img tag does not work for responsive themes and is not permitted.
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Can ALL members please read / refresh their memories of the Forum Rules - they have all now be consolidated in to one thread & clarified for the absence of any doubt.