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National Express Coventry / Re: Coventry Garage
« Last post by Coventry Transport Dude on Yesterday at 11:56:06 PM »
While walking down The Burges earlier tonight to get my No.16 Bus home, i overheard a couple of people outside the McDonalds there say the words "MERRY CHRISTMAS" ???  I automatically thought they'd been smoking something that they shouldn't have done, as it's not a rare thing for some people here in Coventry to actually do (lol), but why the hell are they talking about Christmas of all things, i ask myself ??? But then another girl came out of McDonalds a split second later and said the same thing ?  At the time of me passing by these people, there was a single decker "NX Cov" Bus (873) standing parked a few feet up from them and as i carried on walking down to my stop, i just happened to glance back at this Bus and much to my amusement, plastered all across its Destination Box were the words "MERRY CHRISTMAS" !!!!!lol.  The Burges can be a very rough place to be at times and not the sort of place you'd wanna hang around in at night (or even in the day sometimes ?lol), but thanks to 873's Driver having a bit of a sense of humour, he sure helped to lighten the atmosphere there tonight and put a wry smile on peoples faces, as well as confusing them at the same time ???lol. ("BRILLIANT" !).
National Express West Midlands / Re: Old bus routes
« Last post by Crosville on Yesterday at 11:42:09 PM »
Thinking of the Bristol Road services which are now X61 & 63 Birmingham-Frankley but what was the old routes as me recollections are
61, Birmingham-Gannow
62, Birmingham-Rednal
63, Birmingham-Rubery Great Park
64, Birmingham-Gannow

I think the old 61 & 64 terminus may have been Gannow Boleyn Road.
That 82 idea isn't a bad idea, gives Millisons Wood area of Meriden a 30 minute bus service in the Coventry direction, because of the road layout it's bizarre Millisons Wood have frequent X1 towards Birmingham, but you have to walk up to Showell Lane stop for the Coventry direction or wait for the hourly 82. 
I saw 2173 on the 13 route today !
National Express Coventry / Re: Route Branded Buses Off Route
« Last post by Coventry Transport Dude on Yesterday at 11:22:19 PM »
4770 (12X branded) - 13
2159 (9/9A branded) - 20
843 (23/23A branded) - 20
National Express Coventry / Re: Bendies on the 4
« Last post by Coventry Transport Dude on Yesterday at 11:18:20 PM »
Well, i knew this day had to come eventually and sadly today was it, with the final withdrawal of Coventry's last Bendi-bus ! (6021).  It got a great send off by the many enthusiasts who ventured into Town to travel on it for one last time and it was also nice to meet up with lots of enthusiasts from this forum, who had traveled over from Birmingham, West Bromwich and beyond to make what i thought would be a sad day, into a really enjoyable one !  The Bus itself ran brilliantly and was driven brilliantly to by our Driver Shaun, for the final 4 hours or so of its time left on the road ?  I'd only planned to go on it for a couple of round trips, but as i went to get off it, a friend of mine got on and this happened on a couple of occasions during the afternoon, so by the end of the day, i stayed on it with them and ended up being on it for "5 HOURS" in the end !!!!! (It's a very sad life i live !!!lol).  My thanks must go to Driver Shaun and to the National Express Publicity Photographer (Brian) and to Sam Houlders (Manager) from Wheatley Street Garage, who made sure that all the enthusiasts were able to get the photographs that they wanted and went out of their way to make sure that everybody did so, both at the terminus at each end of the route and later outside Wheatley Street Garage itself at the end of the day !  One very nice thing that these three guys did (a real compliment indeed !), was when arriving at the Arena Tesco terminus at the end of its final run, they allowed us all to stay on the Bus (which was still three quarters full at this time !) and run back "OUT OF SERVICE" down to Pool Meadow Bus Station.  They then allowed us all time to get off and walk the 2 minutes down near the front of Wheatley Street Garage itself, ready for everyone to get in position and photograph 6021 as it then pulled off and came slowly down the driveway into the Garage !  One nice thing i must mention before i start boring you all on here (lol) and that is that even some non-enthusiasts (normal passengers !) got caught up in all the fun with the enthusiasts on 6021 today and they enjoyed it so much, that even they stayed on board and came back down to Pool Meadow on the sadly "OUT OF SERVICE FOR GOOD" 6021 !!!!!!lol. (Great to see that was !). "THANK YOU" Shaun, Brian, Sam and to all attending enthusiasts, for an enjoyable and certainly an unforgettable day today !!!!!!!!!!
Rotala / Re: Diamond Bus - Redditch Garage
« Last post by B61 ANDREW on Yesterday at 10:12:35 PM »
30008 sounding really loud this morning - exhaust/silencer - hope the "fault" had developed en-route and the vehicle had not been allowed to leave the depot in that condition !!  :o
National Express Coventry / Re: Bendies on the 4
« Last post by Sandy Lane on Yesterday at 09:15:23 PM »
The last bendie got a mention on BBC Coventry radio at tea time.
National Express West Midlands / Re: Training Bus Sightings
« Last post by Jack on Yesterday at 08:40:09 PM »
Bit late but 1450 passed through Chemsley Wood on Saturday at 14:30 while I passed on 6709.
National Express West Midlands / Re: Noteworthy Workings - March 2018
« Last post by j789 on Yesterday at 08:32:40 PM »
I saw Gemini 4489 today going down Glenshaw Road in Wythall. Any idea why it was there? I thought it might be to do with that contract PB have near there but that uses a small Enviro 200 usually.

I'm surprised a decker went that way too as there are lots of trees along that lane, pretty much a country road.
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