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Rotala / Re: Rotala Management - Questions & Answers
« Last post by Simon Dunn on Today at 05:53:37 AM »
Is 30201 and 30211 still in service? I haven't seen 30201 out for a while now, not seen 30211 for a long time. Shame if they've been withdrawn.


30201 - At present this is VOR.  It should return to service shortly
30211 - This is out in Service.  Today it is operating on the 42/43's out of Tividale

National Express West Midlands / Re: Repaint & Retrims 2018
« Last post by Solo1 on Today at 05:03:31 AM »
1842 1844 both  out been seen on 34/7/9 yesterday
I have no problem that part of the money I pay in deductions may go to subsidised bus travel. I do, however have a huge problem with yet another pointless waste of my money being used for another freedom of information request.

As taxpayers, it's important to know where our money is being spent. We get a tax summary every year telling us. 2015-16, 47 of my tax was for transport. I don't need it broken down by the penny and on which route.

I don't have any problem with people requesting information like this - for starters it's the right of people to do so and in many cases helps to make public bodies more accountable - if only the private sector was subject to a version of this type of legislation!! Anyway the information given by Trainbasher is quite interesting even though I don't agree at all with his conclusions - the whole point of subsidising socially necessary services is exactly that - they fulfil a social need.

Interesting the comment about Arriva Click - which is hailed as the future in some areas - they operate where I live and have done for a while - they have darkly tinted windows which disguises the number of people in them except in the dark - they don't appear to be well patronised at all and recently the local operator gave up some services - quoting locally that individuals seemed to prefer their own personal minibus (ie one passenger per vehicle) than catching the bus. I'm not sure if this is totally correct - I don't know anyone locally who uses Arriva Click and some prefer to use the traditional bus because you can use elderly persons passes. Many people on shorter journeys walk. The service doesn't look sustainable to me and Arriva has already changed the base from its own garage to the development around which part of the service is based. So as with the comment about Uber above, Arriva Click doesn't look to be sustainable to me.
Arriva / Re: Arriva - Unusual Workings
« Last post by mark114 on Yesterday at 10:50:33 PM »
Hello I can confirm as always 4797 was on the 10 service this afternoon one of the days last week I believe it was Tuesday 4803 worked the same service
Arriva / Re: Cannock Garage
« Last post by Westy on Yesterday at 10:49:09 PM »
There's no way of replacing that 3a without cutting off Pelsall Lane & Clayhanger, is there?

Could 3 buses an hour between Walsall & Brownhills West survive, if they're cutting the Brownhills to Burntwood section of the 10 after hours? (Cant see the point of terminating at Brownhills Parade, when the Rising Sun Island is 5 mins up the road, unless the 10 Walsall to Brownhills Parade can be done comfortably in half an hour, bearing in mind it interworks with other evening services I believe?)

I suspect there will be a further cut somewhere later on, if not immediate!
Arriva / Re: Telford Garage
« Last post by mark114 on Yesterday at 10:47:05 PM »
Hello TOF719S thank you so much for your post on the up date on 3705 which is greatly appreciated

Aston lane is always pretty bad for traffic tbh, especially like as you say when it backs onto the roundabout on witton road
The traffic from Witton Road Island (if it's bad) can back right up to Moor Lane, or worse The Ridgeway. I was riding a President on the Circle (Anti-clockwise)  a few years back when Villa were playing and the traffic was all the way up to The Ridgeway. I remember seeing the 7's in 3/4s.
National Express West Midlands / Re: Vehicle Transfers
« Last post by Straightlines on Yesterday at 10:32:27 PM »
Not in Dundee you don't... although we should be used to cast offs and second hand junk by now

Not for much longer!
National Express West Midlands / Re: West Bromwich Garage
« Last post by Jack on Yesterday at 10:28:15 PM »
4257 out on late night 5's, since it went to E400's they seemingly now do late nights. Nice having one of these for late night thrash.
Arriva / Re: Arriva - Unusual Workings
« Last post by Nathan on Yesterday at 08:25:42 PM »
There is a DAF DB250/ALX400 on the 10 every weekday afternoon. It does the 10S school service (or it did last time i checked) and then several Perton trips. 4797 turns up most afternoons. The general daytime allocation is a mix of DAF SB120/Wright Cadets and Enviro 200's.
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