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WORCESTERSHIRE CC, Social Services Department
Fleetname: Woosh

Fleetnumber Registration Chassis Chssis number Body Body number
5105 YJ 08 PHN Optare M780SE SABDN2AB08R192994 Optare B??F  
5106 YJ 08 PHO Optare V1100 SABWW3AC08L320085 Optare B35F  
5107 BK 58 URX Mercedes O530 WEB62808023116792 Mercedes B37F  
5108 BK 08 NAO Mercedes O530 WEB62808023113015 Mercedes B42F  
BX 61 VLM Mercedes 515CDI WDB9066572S613336 ?  B17F  
BX 61 VLN Mercedes 515CDI WDB9066572S610732 ?  B17F  
BX 61 VLO Mercedes 515CDI WDB9066572S613337 ?  B17F  
BX 61 VLP Mercedes 515CDI WDB9066572S613338 ?  B17F  
  YD 63 UZF Optare Solo M790SE SABDN3AB0DS290437 Optare B27F  
Vehicles now left the fleet
5000 VO 52 XUM Renault Mtr VF1UDCMG527561660 Rohill B15F 020438
5001 VO 52 XVA Renault Mtr VF1UDCMG527561658 Rohill B14F  
5007 VO 53 VCX Renault Mtr VF1UDCUG528464140 Rohill B13F  
5008 VX 04 UMU Optare M920 SAB19000000001300 Optare B33F  
5009 VX 05 HPP Optare M920 SAB19000000001642 Optare B31F  
5011 VX 05 HPU Optare M920 SAB19000000001641 Optare B31F  
5013 VX 04 JZT Optare M850 SAB19000000001320 Optare B31F  
5100 BV 08 ZWF Mercedes O530 WEB62808023114476 Mercedes B30F  
5101 BV 08 ZWJ Mercedes O530 WEB62808023144480 Mercedes B30F  
5102 BV 08 ZWK Mercedes O530 WEB62808023114478 Mercedes B30F  
5103 BV 08 ZWR Mercedes O530 WEB62808023114479 Mercedes B30F  
5104 BV 08 ZWT Mercedes O530 WEB62808023114477 Mercedes B30F  
5109 BN 09 FWR Mercedes O530 WEB62808023117447 Mercedes B42F  
5200 VO 03 PLV Transbus Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW87027 Transbus B29F 2083/10



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