National Express West Midlands f


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National Express West Midlands fleetnumbers 4475-4698


Allocation Fleetnumber Registration Chassis Chassis number Body Body number  
Perry Barr 4475 BJ 03 EWF Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3163A002686 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G455  
Perry Barr 4476 BJ 03 EWG Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3183A002687 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G456  
Perry Barr 4477 BJ 03 EWH Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3103A002683 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G457  
Perry Barr 4478 BJ 03 EWK Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3123A002684 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G458  
Perry Barr 4479 BJ 03 EWL Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3143A002685 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G459  
Perry Barr 4480 BJ 03 EWM Volvo B7TL YV3S2J31X3A002688 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G460  
Perry Barr 4481 BJ 03 EWN Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3143A002704 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G461  
Perry Barr 4482 BJ 03 EWP Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3163A002705 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G462 Kerry Blakeman
Perry Barr 4483 BJ 03 EWR Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3183A002706 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G463  
Perry Barr 4484 BJ 03 EWS Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3193A002729 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G464  
Perry Barr 4485 BJ 03 EWT Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3153A002730 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G465  
Perry Barr 4486 BJ 03 EWU Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3173A002731 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G466  
Perry Barr 4487 BJ 03 EWV Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3193A002732 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G467  
Perry Barr 4488 BJ 03 EWW Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3103A002733 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G468  
Perry Barr 4489 BJ 03 EWX Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3123A002734 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G469  
Perry Barr 4490 BJ 03 EWY Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3143A002735 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G470  
Perry Barr 4491 BJ 03 EWZ Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3113A002756 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F G471  
Perry Barr 4492 BJ 03 EXA Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3133A002757 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G538  
Perry Barr 4493 BJ 03 EXB Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3173A002759 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G539  
Perry Barr 4494 BJ 03 EXC Volvo B7TL YV3S2J31X3A002772 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G540  
Perry Barr 4495 BJ 03 EXD Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3113A002773 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G541  
Perry Barr 4496 BJ 03 EXE Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3153A002758 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G542  
Perry Barr 4497 BJ 03 EXF Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3133A002760 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G543  
Perry Barr 4498 BJ 03 EXG Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3153A002761 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G544  
Perry Barr 4499 BJ 03 EXH Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3183A002768 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G545   
Acocks Green 4500 BJ 03 EXK Volvo B7TL YV3S2J31X3A002769 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G546  
Acocks Green 4501 BJ 03 EXL Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3163A002770 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G547  
Acocks Green 4502 BJ 03 EXM Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3183A002771 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G548  
Acocks Green 4503 BJ 03 EXN Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3153A002808 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G549  
Acocks Green 4504 BJ 03 EXP Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3173A002809 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G550  
Acocks Green 4505 BJ 03 EXR Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3133A002810 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G551  
Acocks Green 4506 BU 53 UMC Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3163A002817 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G552  
Acocks Green 4507 BU 53 UMD Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3183A002883 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G553 Mandy Louise
Acocks Green 4508 BU 53 UME Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3133A002919 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G554 11 route branded - Kath
Acocks Green 4509 BU 53 UMF Volvo B7TL YV3S2J31X3A002920 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G555 11 route branded - Amy Lou
Acocks Green 4510 BU 53 UMG Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3113A002921 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G556 11 route branded - Faith Elise
Acocks Green 4511 BU 53 UMH Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3133A002922 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G557 11 route branded - Sharon Lynn
Acocks Green 4512 BU 53 UMJ Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3174A003041 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G558 11 route branded - Zuzanna
Acocks Green 4513 BU 53 UMK Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3194A003042 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G559 11 route branded - Barinder Kaur
Acocks Green 4514 BU 53 UML Volvo B7TL YV3S2J31X4A003051 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G560 11 route branded - Chloe
Acocks Green 4515 BU 53 UMM Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3114A003052 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G561 11 route branded - Maninder Kaur
Acocks Green 4516 BU 53 UMR Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3134A003053 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G562 11 route branded - Chelsey Louise
Acocks Green 4517 BU 53 UMT Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3154A003054 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G563 11 route branded - Teresa
Acocks Green 4518 BU 53 UMV Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3194A003073 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G564 11 route branded - Sophie
Acocks Green 4519 BU 53 UMW Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3104A003074 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G565 11 route branded - Jessica
reserve 4520 BU 53 UMX Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3124A003075 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G566  
Acocks Green 4521 BU 53 UMY Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3144A003076 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G567 11 route branded - Lucy
Acocks Green 4522 BU 53 UMZ Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3124A003092 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G568 11 route branded - Grace
Acocks Green 4523 BU 53 UNB Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3144A003093 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G569 11 route branded - Nicola
Acocks Green 4524 BU 53 UNE Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3164A003094 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G570 Price Branded - Lauren Danielle
Acocks Green 4525 BU 53 UNF Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3184A003095 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G571 Price Branded - Karen
Acocks Green 4526 BU 53 UNG Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3124A003111 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G572 Price Branded - Laura Ann
Acocks Green 4527 BU 53 UNH Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3144A003112 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G573 Price Branded - Kelly
Acocks Green 4528 BU 53 UNJ Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3164A003113 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G574 Price Branded - Debbie
Acocks Green 4529 BU 53 UNK Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3184A003114 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G575 Price Branded - Caroline
Acocks Green 4530 BU 53 UNL Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3134A003120 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G576 Price Branded - Safina
Acocks Green 4531 BU 53 UNM Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3154A003121 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G577 Price branded - Maria Luisa
Acocks Green 4532 BU 53 UNN Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3174A003122 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G578 Price Branded - Charlotte
Acocks Green 4533 BU 53 UNP Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3194A003123 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G579 Price Branded - Emmylou
Aoocks Green 4534 BU 53 UNR Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3134A003151 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F G580 Price Branded - Vivien Eileen
Wolverhampton 4535 BL 53 EDF Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53199 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/1  
Wolverhampton 4536 BL 53 EDJ Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53200 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/2  
Wolverhampton 4537 BL 53 EDK Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53201 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/3  
Wolverhampton 4538 BL 53 EDO Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53202 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/4  
Wolverhampton 4539 BL 53 EDP Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53203 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/5  
Wolverhampton 4540 BL 53 EDR Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53204 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/6  
Wolverhampton 4541 BL 53 EDU Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53205 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/7  
Wolverhampton 4542 BL 53 EDV Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53206 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/8  
Wolverhampton 4543 BL 53 EDX Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53207 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/9  
Wolverhampton 4544 BL 53 EEA Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53208 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/10  
Wolverhampton 4545 BL 53 EEB Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53209 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/11  
Wolverhampton 4546 BL 53 EEF Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53210 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/12  
Wolverhampton 4547 BL 53 EEG Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53211 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/13  
Wolverhampton 4548 BL 53 EEH Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53212 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/14  
Wolverhampton 4549 BL 53 EEJ Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53213 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/15  
Wolverhampton 4550 BL 53 EEM Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53214 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/16  
Wolverhampton 4551 BL 53 EEN Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53215 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/17  
Wolverhampton 4552 BL 53 EEO Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53226 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/18  
Wolverhampton 4553 BL 53 EEP Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53227 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/19  
Wolverhampton 4554 BL 53 EER Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53228 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/20  
Wolverhampton 4555 BL 53 EET Tranbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53229 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/21  
Wolverhampton 4556 BL 53 EEU Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53235 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/22  
Wolverhampton 4557 BL 53 EEV Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53236 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/23 59 route branded
Wolverhampton 4558 BL 53 EEW Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53237 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/24 59 route branded
Wolverhampton 4559 BL 53 EEX Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53238 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/25 59 route branded
Wolverhampton 4560 BL 53 EEY Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53239 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/26 59 route branded
Wolverhampton 4561 BL 53 EEZ Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53245 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/27 59 route branded
Wolverhampton 4562 BL 53 EFA Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53246 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/28 59 route branded
Wolverhampton 4563 BL 53 EFB Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53247 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/29 59 route branded
Wolverhampton 4564 BL 53 EFC Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR63GX53248 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3069/30 59 route branded
Yardley Wood 4565 BU 04 BHX Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53258 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/1 Jenni
Yardley Wood 4566 BU 04 BHY Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53254 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/2 Sarah-Ann
Yardley Wood 4567 BU 04 BHZ Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53253 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/3 Joan iris
Yardley Wood 4568 BU 04 BJE Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53255 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/4 Sarah Janine
Yardley Wood 4569 BU 04 BJF Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53256 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/5 Sophia Mary
Yardley Wood 4570 BU 04 BJJ Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53253 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/6 Lydia
Yardley Wood 4571 BU 04 BJK Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53262 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/7 Karen
Yardley Wood 4572 BU 04 BJV Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53265 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/8 Kyra
Yardley Wood 4573 BU 04 BJX Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53259 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/9 Sheila
Yardley Wood 4574 BU 04 BJZ Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53260 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/10 Caprice
Yardley Wood 4575 BU 04 BKA Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53261 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/11 Isabelle
Yardley Wood 4576 BU 04 BKD Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53263 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/12 Margaret
Yardley Wood 4577 BU 04 BKE Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53264 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/13 Maura
Wolverhampton 4578 BU 04 BKF Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53267 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/14  
Wolverhampton 4579 BU 04 BKG Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53268 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/15  
Wolverhampton 4580 BU 04 BKJ Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53269 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/16  
Wolverhampton 4581 BU 04 BKK Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53270 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/17  
Wolverhampton 4582 BU 04 BKL Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53271 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/18  
Wolverhampton 4583 BU 04 BKN Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53272 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/19  
Wolverhampton 4584 BU 04 BKV Transbus Trident2 SFD33GBR63GX53266 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 3084/20  
Wolverhampton 4585 BU 04 BKX Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53453 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-1  
Wolverhampton 4586 BU 04 BKZ Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53454 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-2  
Wolverhampton 4587 BU 04 BLF Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53478 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-3  
Wolverhampton 4588 BU 04 BLJ Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53476 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-4  
Wolverhampton 4589 BU 04 BLK Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53477 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-5  
Wolverhampton 4590 BU 04 BLN Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53480 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-6  
Wolverhampton 4591 BU 04 BLV Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53479 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-7  
Wolverhampton 4592 BU 04 BLX Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53481 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-8  
Walsall 4594 BX 54 DCU Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53488 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-10 Minah
Walsall 4595 BU 04 BMZ Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53489 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-11 Nicola
Walsall 4596 BX 54 DCV Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53490 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-12 Najma
Walsall 4597 BX 54 DCY Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53493 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-13  
Walsall 4598 BX 54 DDA Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53491 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-14  
Walsall 4599 BX 54 DDE Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53492 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-15 10 route branded
Walsall 4600 BX 54 DDF Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53494 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-16 10 route branded
Walsall 4601 BX 54 DDJ Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53542 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-17 10 route branded
Walsall 4602 BX 54 DDK Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53543 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-18 10 route branded
Walsall 4603 BX 54 DDL Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53544 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-19 10 route branded
Walsall 4604 BX 54 DDN Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53545 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-20 10 route branded
Walsall 4605 BX 54 DDO Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53546 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-21 10 route branded
Walsall 4606 BX 54 DDU Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53547 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-22   
Walsall 4607 BX 54 DDV Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53552 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-23 Jordan Diana
Walsall 4608 BX 54 DDY Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53553 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-24 Hannah Louise
Walsall 4609 BX 54 DDZ Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53554 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-25 Matylda
Birmingham Central 4610 BX 54 DEU Trasnbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53555 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-26 Matilda Rose
Birmingham Central 4611 BX 54 DFA Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53556 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-27 Star
Birmingham Central 4612 BX 54 DFC Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53557 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-28 Demi
Birmingham Central 4613 BX 54 DFD Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53558 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-29 Charlotte Louise
Birmingham Central 4614 BX 54 DFE Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53559 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-30 Ellamae
Birmingham Central 4615 BX 54 XSC Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53560 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-31 Sharron
Birmingham Central 4616 BX 54 XSD Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53561 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-32 Mariya
Birmingham Central 4617 BX 54 XSE Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53562 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-33 Aysin
Birmingham Central 4618 BX 54 XSF Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53563 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-34 Abi
Birmingham Central 4619 BX 54 XSG Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53564 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-35 Lucia
Birmingham Central 4620 BX 54 XSH Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53565 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-36 Anita
Birmingham Central 4621 BX 54 XSJ Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53566 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-37 Nyasha
Birmingham Central 4622 BX 54 XSK Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53567 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-38 Renee Alice
Birmingham Central 4623 BX 54 XSL Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53568 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-39 Nyasha
Birmingham Central 4624 BX 54 XSM Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53569 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-40 Amber Rose
Birmingham Central 4625 BX 54 XRO Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53570 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-41 Aman
Birmingham Central 4626 BX 54 XRR Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53571 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-42 Riya
Birmingham Central 4627 BX 54 XRT Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53572 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-43 Dejah
Birmingham Central 4628 BX 54 XRU Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53573 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-44 Aleeza Aleenah
Birmingham Central 4629 BX 54 XRV Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53575 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-45  
Birmingham Central 4630 BX 54 XRW Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53576 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-46  
Birmingham Central 4631 BX 54 XRY Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53577 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-47  
Birmingham Central 4632 BX 54 XRZ Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53574 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-48  
Birmingham Central 4633 BX 54 XSA Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53578 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-49  
Birmingham Central 4634 BX 54 XSB Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53579 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-50 Noel Mulvey
Acocks Green 4635 BX 54 DFF Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3144A003546 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H324 Price Branded - Caitlin
Acocks Green 4636 BX 54 DFG Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3164A003547 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H325 Price Branded - Muriel Beatrice
Acocks Green 4637 BX 54 DFJ Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3184A003548 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H326  
Acocks Green 4638 BX 54 DFK Volvo B7TL YV3S2J31X4A003549 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H327 Price Branded - Linda
Acocks Green 4639 BX 54 DFV Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3154A003569 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H332 Price Branded - Tracey Ann
Acocks Green 4640 BX 54 DFY Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3114A003570 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H333 Price Branded - Richard Lomax
Acocks Green 4641 BX 54 DFZ Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3144A003577 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H334 Price Branded - Megan Louise
Acocks Green 4642 BX 54 DGE Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3174A003587 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H335 Price Branded - Arya
Acocks Green 4643 BX 54 DGY Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3104A003592 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H340 Price Branded - Poppy Ellen
Acocks Green 4644 BX 54 DGZ Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3124A003593 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H341 Price Branded - Marie
Acocks Green 4645 BX 54 DHA Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3144A003594 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H342 Price Branded - Nitya
Acocks Green 4646 BX 54 DHC Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3164A003595 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H343 Price Branded - Teresa
Acocks Green 4647 BX 54 XRD Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3134A003599 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H348 Price branded - Prabha
Acocks Green 4648 BX 54 XRE Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3164A003600 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H349 Price branded - Emmy Lou
Acocks Green 4649 BX 54 XRF Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3275A101500 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H350 Price branded - Tina
Acocks Green 4650 BX 54 XRG Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3295A101501 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H351 Price branded - Lexi Hope
Acocks Green 4651 BX 54 XRM Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3225A101517 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H356  
Acocks Green 4652 BX 54 XRN Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3245A101518 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H357 Price Branded - Amara
Acocks Green 4653 BX 54 XPR Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3265A101519 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H358  
Acocks Green 4654 BX 54 XPT Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3225A101520 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H359 Price branded - Georgia Amie
Acocks Green 4655 BX 54 XPZ Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3245A101597 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H363 Price Branded - Shannon
Acocks Green 4656 BX 54 XRA Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3265A101598 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H364 Price Branded - Carol
Acocks Green 4657 BX 54 XRB Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3225A101596 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H365 Maddison Emily
Acocks Green 4658 BX 54 DFN Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3184A003551 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H328  
Acocks Green 4659 BX 54 DFO Volvo B7TL YV3S2J31X4A003552 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H329 Julia
Acocks Green 4660 BX 54 DFP Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3114A003567 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H330 11 route branded - Samantha
Acocks Green 4661 BX 54 DFU Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3134A003568 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H331 11 route branded - Hannah
Acocks Green 4662 BX 54 DGF Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3194A003588 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H336 11 route branded - Haley
Acocks Green 4663 BX 54 DGO Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3104A003589 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H337 11 route branded - Sophia
Acocks Green 4664 BX 54 DGU Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3174A003590 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H338 11 route branded - Brooke
Acocks Green 4665 BX 54 DGV Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3194A003591 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H339 11 route branded - Rita
Acocks Green 4666 BX 54 DHD Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3164A003550 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H344 11 route branded
Acocks Green 4667 BX 54 DHE Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3184A003596 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H345 11 route branded - Charlotte Emily
Acocks Green 4668 BX 54 DHF Volvo B7TL YV3S2J31X4A003597 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H346 11 route branded - Helen
Acocks Green 4669 BX 54 DHG Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3114A003598 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H347 11 route branded - Christine
Acocks Green 4670 BX 54 XRH Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3225A101503 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H352 11 route branded - Judy
Acocks Green 4671 BX 54 XRJ Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3245A101504 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H353 11 route branded - Emma
Acocks Green 4672 BX 54 XRK Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3205A101502 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H354 11 route branded - Graham Green
Acocks Green 4673 BX 54 XRL Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3205A101516 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H355 11 route branded - Maria
Acocks Green 4674 BX 54 XPU Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3245A101521 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H360 11 route branded - Anita
Acocks Green 4675 BX 54 XPV Volvo B7TL YV3S2J32X5A101569 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H361 11 route branded - Jasveer
Acocks Green 4676 BX 54 XPW Volvo B7TL YV3S2J32X5A101572 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H362 Katy
Acocks Green 4677 BX 54 XPY Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3215A101573 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H366 11 route branded - Lisa
Acocks Green 4678 BX 54 XRC Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3265A101570 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H367 11 route branded - Renata
Acocks Green 4679 BX 54 XPM Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3295A101613 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H368 11 route branded - Steve Widdows
Dundee 4680 BX 54 XPN Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3275A101772 Wright Eclipse Gemini CH42/29F H369  
Dundee 4681 BX 54 XPO Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3205A101743 Wright Eclipse Gemini CH42/29F H370  
Dundee 4682 BX 54 XPP Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3285A101571 Wright Eclipse Gemini CH42/29F H371  
Dundee 4683 BX 54 XTA Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3225A101615 Wright Eclipse Gemini CH42/29F H372  
Dundee 4684 BX 54 XTB Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3205A101614 Wright Eclipse Gemini CH42/29F H373  
Dundee 4685 BX 54 XTC Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3295A101773 Wright Eclipse Gemini CH42/29F H374  
Dundee 4686 BX 54 XTD Volvo B7TL YV3S2J32X5A101796 Wright Eclipse Gemini CH42/29F H375  
Perry Barr 4687 BU 05 HEV Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3245A105505 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F J554 Nikita
Perry Barr 4688 BU 05 HFE Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3265A105506 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F J555 Sophie-Madison
Perry Barr 4689 BU 05 HFF Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3245A105682 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F J556 Rhianna Lilly
Perry Barr 4690 BU 05 HFH Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3265A105683 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F J557 Amy Emily
Perry Barr 4691 BU 05 HFJ Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3205A105775 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F J558 Shannon Destiny
Perry Barr 4692 BU 05 HFL Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3275A105806 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F J559 Sandy
Perry Barr 4693 BU 05 HFO Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3275A105918 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F J560 Lilian
Perry Barr 4694 BU 05 HFP Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3295A105919 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F J561 Gwenda Iris
Perry Barr 4695 BU 05 HFR Volvo B7TL YV3S2J32X5A105993 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F J562 Rebecca Anne
Perry Barr 4696 BU 05 HFS Volvo B7TL YV3S2J3215A105994 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F J563 Annette Elaine
Trainer 4697 YN 55 PXB Scania N94UD4 YS2N4X20001848752 Scania Omnicity H45/27F 410843  
trainer 4698 BX 55 XOA Alexander Dennis Trident2 SFD43KBRA5GX33684 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 H45/33F 4408/1  
Vehicles from this batch that have left the fleet  
  4593 BU 04 BLZ Transbus Trident2 SFD338BR64GX53487 Transbus ALX400 H45/28F 4400-9  
  4699 BK 10 MGV Volvo B5L YV3T1R921AA139117 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/23F AE382  

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