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National Express West Midlands fleetnumbers 1317-1743
Allocation Fleetnumber Registration Chassis Chassis number Body Body number
trainer 1344 N344 WOH Volvo B10B YV3R14F13TA002367 Wright Endurance B48F U308
trainer 1345 N345 WOH Volvo B10B YV3R14F12TA002375 Wright Endurance B48F U309
trainer 1349 N349 WOH Volvo B10B YV3R14F18TA002400 Wright Endurance B48F U313
trainer 1350 N350 WOH Volvo B10B YV3R14F12TA002425 Wright Endurance B48F U314
trainer 1355 N355 WOH Volvo B10B YV3R14F13TA002448 Wright Endurance B48F U319
Dundee trainer 1366 N366 WOH Volvo B10B YV3R14F12TA002506 Wright Endurance B48F U330
trainer 1368 N368 WOH Volvo B10B YV3R14F12TA002523 Wright Endurance B48F U332
trainer 1377 N377 WOH Volvo B10B YV3R14F13TA002563 Wright Endurance B48F U341
trainer 1384 N384 BOV Volvo B10B YV3R1A511TA002657 Wright Endurance B48F U348
trainer 1385 N385 BOV Volvo B10B YV3R1A515TA002659 Wright Endurance B48F U349
trainer 1386 N386 BOV Volvo B10B YV3R1A513TA002661 Wright Endurance B48F U350
trainer 1408 P408 EJW Volvo B10L YV3R5A516TA000519 Wright Liberator B43F W217
trainer 1421 P421 EJW Volvo B10L YV3R5A517TA000450 Wright Liberator B43F W230
 withdrawn(PN) 1427 P427 EJW Volvo B10L YV3R5A512TA000484 Wright Liberator B43F W236
trainer 1432 P432 JJW Volvo B10L YV3R5A513VA000707 Wright Liberator B43F W246
 trainer 1434 P434 JJW Volvo B10L YV3R5A511VA000723 Wright Liberator B43F W249
trainer 1450 P450 JOX Volvo B10L YV3R5A517VA000855 Wright Liberator B43F W279
 trainer 1452 P452 JOX Volvo B10L YV3R5A513VA000870 Wright Liberator B43F W281
withdrawn(MS) 1461 R461 XDA Volvo B10L YV3R5A512VA000939 Wright Liberator B43F W290
 Dundee 7067 1481 Y722 CJW Volvo B7L YV3R7C7161A000486 Wright B40F B703
trainer 1501 P501 KOX Volvo B10L YV3R5C316VA000747 Alexander Ultra B43F UL11010297
trainer 1505 P505 KOX Volvo B10L YV3R5C310VA000761 Alexander Ultra B43F UL12040497
 withdrawn(MS) 1507 P507 KOX Volvo B10L YV3R5C319VA000791 Alexander Ultra B43F UL12060497
trainer 1508 P508 KOX Volvo B10L YV3R5C310VA000792 Alexander Ultra B43F UL12070497
 trainer 1509 P509 KOX Volvo B10L YV3R5C312VA000793 Alexander Ultra B43F UL12080597
 trainer 1512 P512 KOX Volvo B10L YV3R5C912VA000812 Alexander Ultra B43F UL12110597
trainer 1514 P514 KOX Volvo B10L YV3R5C913VA000849 Alexander Ultra B43F UL12130597
withdrawn (WA) 1589 S589 VUK Mercedes O405N WDB61240721090340 Mercedes B43F  
 CV - Health Bus 1687 T687 FOB Mercedes O405N WDB61240723092783 Mercedes B43F  
 withdrawn 1689 T689 FOB Mercedes O405N WDB61240723092791 Mercedes B43F  

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