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National Express West Midlands fleetnumbers 1-900

Allocation fleetnumber registration Chassis Chassis number Body Body Number  
Walsall 84 FJ 11 GJX Volvo B9R YV3S5P726BA148677 Caetano Levante C48FT F113043035  
Walsall 85 FJ 11 GJY Volvo B9R YV3S5P723BA148765 Caetano Levante C48FT F113043036  
Walsall 86 FJ 11 GJZ Volvo B9R YV3S5P725BA148766 Caetano Levante C48FT F113043037  
Walsall 87 FJ 11 GKA Volvo B9R YV3S5P727BA148767 Caetano Levante C48FT F113043038  
Walsall 88 FJ 11 GKC Volvo B9R YV3S5P729BA148768 Caetano Levante C48FT F113043039  
Walsall 89 FJ 11 GLV Volvo B9R YV3S5P722BA148496 Caetano Levante C48FT F113043016  
 reserve 244 P244 AAP Volvo B6LE-53 YV3R3A919VC006290 Wright Crusader B34F Y29
 withdrawn 281 S281 AOX Optare Solo M850 VN6092 Optare B27F 6092
 withdrawn 298 T298 UOX Optare Solo M850 VN6128 Optare B27F 6128
 Dundee 321 YT 51 EBC Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000000762 Optare B28F  
 Dundee 322 YT 51 EBD Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000000763 Optare B28F  
 withdrawn 502 P502 EJW Volvo B6LE YV3R36E10TC006016 Wright Crusader B37F W151  
 Wolverhampton 508 P508 EJW Volvo B6LE YV3R3A915TC006039 Wright Crusader B37F W157  
 withdrawn 510 P510 EJW Volvo B6LE YV3R3A910TC006045 Wright Crusader B37F W159  
 withdrawn 516 P516 EJW Volvo B6LE YV3R3A916TC006051 Wright Crusader B37F W165  
withdrawn 519 P519 EJW Volvo B6LE YV3R3A911TC006054 Wright Crusader B37F W168  
withdrawn 524 P524 EJW Volvo B6LE YV3R3A915TC006056 Wright Crusader B37F W173  
withdrawn 533 P533 EJW Volvo B6LE YV3R3A913VC006074 Wright Crusader B37F W182  
withdrawn 534 P534 EJW Volvo B6LE YV3R3A919TC006061 Wright Crusader B37F W183  
 withdrawn 544 P544 EJW Volvo B6LE YV3R3A911VC006087 Wright Crusader B37F W193  
 withdrawn 547 P547 EJW Volvo B6LE YV3R3A915VC006108 Wright Crusader B37F W196  
 withdrawn 555 P955 LDA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A913VC006172 Wright Crusader B37F Y04     
 withdrawn 556 P556 LDA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A915VC006173 Wright Crusader B37F Y05     
 withdrawn 560 P960 LOB Volvo B6LE YV3R3A91XVC006184 Wright Crusader B37F Y09     
 withdrawn 561 P561 MDA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A919VC006192 Wright Crusader B37F Y10     
withdrawn 564 P564 MDA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A912VC006308 Wright Crusader B37F Y039  
withdrawn 566 P566 MDA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A910VC006310 Wright Crusader B37F Y041  
 withdrawn 568 R568 XDA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A91XVC006346 Wright Crusader B37F Y043  
withdrawn 569 R569 XDA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A913VC006348 Wright Crusader B37F Y044  
withdrawn 572 R572 XDA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A913VC006351 Wright Crusader B37F Y273  
 withdrawn 581 R581 XDA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A91XVC006363 Wright Crusader B37F Y282  
 Wolverhampton 582 R582 YON Volvo B6LE YV3R3A917WC006497 Wright Crusader B37F A01  
withdrawn 584 R584 YON Volvo B6LE YV3R3A910WC006504 Wright Crusader B37F A03  
 Wolverhampton 586 R586 YON Volvo B6LE YV3R3A911WC006513 Wright Crusader B37F A05  
withdrawn 591 R591 YON Volvo B6LE YV3R3A916WC006538 Wright Crusader B37F A12  
 withdrawn 595 R595 YON Volvo B6LE YV3R3A91XWC006543 Wright Crusader B37F A13  
 withdrawn 596 R596 YON Volvo B6LE YV3R3A913WC006545 Wright Crusader B37F A14  
 Wolverhampton 598 R598 YON Volvo B6LE YV3R3A917WC006550 Wright Crusader B37F A16  
 withdrawn 600 R160 YON Volvo B6LE YV3R3A917WC006578 Wright Crusader B37F A22  
Wolverhampton 601 R601 YON Volvo B6LE YV3R3A919WC006579 Wright Crusader B37F A23  
 withdrawn 606 R606 YON Volvo B6LE YV3R3A913WC006593 Wright Crusader B37F A28  
 withdrawn 616 S616 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A911WC006611 Wright Crusader B37F A38  
 withdrawn 619 S619 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A914WC006621 Wright Crusader B37F A41  
 Wolverhampton 620 S620 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A913WC006612 Wright Crusader B37F A42  
 withdrawn 626 S626 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A917WC006628 Wright Crusader B37F A48  
 withdrawn 630 S630 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A910WC006647 Wright Crusader B37F A52  
 Wolverhampton 632 S632 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A917WC006645 Wright Crusader B37F A54  
 Wolverhampton 633 S633 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A912WC006648 Wright Crusader B37F A55  
 Wolverhampton 634 S634 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A912WC006651 Wright Crusader B37F A56  
 withdrawn 635 S635 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A910WC006650 Wright Crusader B37F A57  
 withdrawn 636 S636 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A914WC006652 Wright Crusader B37F A58  
 Wolverhampton 638 S638 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A91XWC006655 Wright Crusader B37F A60  
 withdrawn 639 S639 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A918WC006654 Wright Crusader B37F A61  
 Wolverhampton 640 S640 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A916WC006653 Wright Crusader B37F A62  
 withdrawn 642 S642 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A915WC006658 Wright Crusader B37F A64  
  withdrawn 643 S643 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A913WC006657 Wright Crusader B37F A65  
 withdrawn 648 S648 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A917WC006662 Wright Crusader B37F A70  
 withdrawn 649 S649 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A919WC006663 Wright Crusader B37F A472  
 withdrawn 650 S650 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A910WC006664 Wright Crusader B37F A473  
 withdrawn 651 S651 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A912WC006665 Wright Crusader B37F A474  
 withdrawn 654 S654 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A91XWC006669 Wright Crusader B37F A477  
 withdrawn 655 S655 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A918WC006668 Wright Crusader B37F A478  
 withdrawn 658 S658 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A91XXC006673 Wright Crusader B37F A481  
 withdrawn 660 S660 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A917XC006680 Wright Crusader B37F A483  
 withdrawn 661 S661 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A915XC006676 Wright Crusader B37F A484  
 Wolverhampton 662 S662 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A910XC006682 Wright Crusader B37F A485  
 withdrawn 664 S664 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A914XC006684 Wright Crusader B37F A487  
 withdrawn 668 S668 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A915XC006693 Wright Crusader B37F A491  
 Wolverhampton 669 S669 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A917XC006694 Wright Crusader B37F A492  
 withdrawn 673 S673 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A910XC006701 Wright Crusader B37F A496  
 withdrawn 674 S674 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A919XC006695 Wright Crusader B37F A497  
 withdrawn 675 S675 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A916XC006699 Wright Crusader B37F A498  
 Wolverhampton 677 S677 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A914XC006703 Wright Crusader B37F A500  
withdrawn 680 S680 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A918XC006705 Wright Crusader B37F A503  
 withdrawn 681 S681 VOA Volvo B6LE YV3R3A911XC006707 Wright Crusader B37F A504  
 withdrawn 687 S687 YOL Optare Excel L1070 VN9317 Optare B38F 9317  
 withdrawn 693 S693 YOL Optare Excel L1070 VN9323 Optare B38F 9323  
 withdrawn 708 S708 YOL Optare Excel L1070 VN9338 Optare B38F 9338  
 withdrawn 711 S711 YOL Optare Excel L1070 VN9341 Optare B38F 9341  
 Dundee 731 SN 11 BWG Alexander Dennis Dart SFD1A1AR5AGY11578 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B29F 9225/1  
 Dundee 732 SN 11 BWH Alexander Dennis Dart SFD1A1AR5AGY11586 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B29F 9225/2  
 Dundee 733 SN 11 BWJ Alexander Dennis Dart SFD1A1AR5AGY11587 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B29F 9225/3  
 Dundee 734 SN 61 DCF Alexander Dennis Dart SFD1A1AR5AGY11603 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B29F 9225/6  
West Bromwich 751 YY 14 WHA Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14328 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/1  
West Bromwich 752 YY 14 WHB Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14329 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/2  
West Bromwich 753 YY 14 WHC Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14330 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/3  
West Bromwich 754 YY 14 WHD Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14332 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/4  
West Bromwich 755 YY 14 WHE Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14333 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/5  
West Bromwich 756 YY 14 WHF Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14334 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/6  
West Bromwich 757 YY 14 WHG Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14335 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/7  
West Bromwich 758 YY 14 WHH Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14336 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/8  
West Bromwich 759 YY 14 WHJ Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14337 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/9  
West Bromwich 760 YY 14 WHK Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14338 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/10  
Perry Barr 761 YY 14 WHL Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14339 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/11  
Perry Barr 762 YY 14 WHM Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14340 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/12  
Perry Barr 763 YY 14 WHN Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14341 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/13  
Perry Barr 764 YY 14 WHP Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1H9ER6EGY14342 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B27F E231/14  
 Birmingham Central 801 BX 62 SBY Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13369 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C243/1 99 Route branded
 Birmingham Central 802 BX 62 SCV Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13375 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C243/2 99 Route branded
 Birmingham Central 803 BX 62 SEY Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13376 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C243/3 99 Route branded
 Birmingham Central 804 BX 62 SFJ Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13377 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C243/4 99 Route branded
 Birmingham Central 805 BX 62 SFY Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13378 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C243/5 99 Route branded
 Birmingham Central 806 BX 62 SJU Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13379 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C243/6 99 Route branded
 Birmingham Central 807 BX 62 SKJ Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13380 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C243/7 99 Route branded
 Birmingham Central 808 BX 62 SKU Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13381 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C243/8  
 Birmingham Central 809 BX 62 SKV Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13382 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/1  
 West Bromwich 810 BX 62 SLV Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13383 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/2  
 West Bromwich 811 BX 62 SNF Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13384 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/3  
 West Bromwich 812 BX 62 SNK Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13385 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/4  
 West Bromwich 813 BX 62 SNU Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13386 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/5  
 West Bromwich 814 BX 62 SOH Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13387 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/6  
 West Bromwich 815 BX 62 SUA Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13388 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/7  
 West Bromwich 816 BX 62 SVG Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13389 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/8  
 West Bromwich 817 BX 62 SVP Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13390 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/9  
 West Bromwich 818 BX 62 SVU Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13391 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/10  
 West Bromwich 819 BX 62 SXD Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13392 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/11  
 West Bromwich 820 BX 62 SXH Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13393 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/12  
 West Bromwich 821 BX 62 SXR Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13394 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/13  
 West Bromwich 822 BX 62 SYA Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13395 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C244/14  
 West Bromwich 823 BX 62 SYC Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13396 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C245/1  
 Pensnett 824 BX 62 SYW Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13397 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C245/2  
 Pensnett 825 BX 62 SYZ Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13398 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C245/3 222 Route branded
 Pensnett 826 BX 62 SZC Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13399 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C245/4 222 Route branded
 Pensnett 827 BX 62 SZD Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13400 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C245/5 222 Route branded
 Pensnett 828 BX 62 SZE Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13401 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C245/6 222 Route branded
 Pensnett 829 BX 62 SZJ Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13402 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C245/7 222 Route branded
 Pensnett 830 BX 62 SZR Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9BR6CGY13403 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F C245/8 222 Route branded
West Bromwich 831 SN 64 ODF Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14401 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/1  
West Bromwich 832 SN 64 ODG Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14404 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/2  
West Bromwich 833 SN 64 ODH Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14402 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/3  
West Bromwich 834 SN 64 ODJ Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14406 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/4  
West Bromwich 835 SN 64 ODK Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14403 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/5  
West Bromwich 836 SN 64 ODL Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14413  Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/6  
West Bromwich 837 SN 64 ODM Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14405 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/7  
West Bromwich 838 SN 64 ODP Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14407 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/8  
West Bromwich 839 SN 64 ODR Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14414 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/9  
Wolverhampton 840 SN 64 ODS Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14416 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/10  
Wolverhampton 841 SN 64 ODT Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14415 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/11  
Wolverhampton 842 SN 64 ODU Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14417  Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/12  
Wolverhampton 843 SN 64 ODV Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14418 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/13  
Wolverhampton 844 SN 64 ODW Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14419 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/14  
Wolverhampton 845 SN 64 ODX Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14433 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/15  
Wolverhampton 846 SN 64 ODY Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14434 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/16  
Wolverhampton 847 SN 64 OEA Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14435  Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/17  
Wolverhampton 848 SN 64 OEB Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14436 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/18  
Wolverhampton 849 SN 64 OEC Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14437  Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/19  
Wolverhampton 850 SN 64 OED Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14438  Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/20  
Wolverhampton 851 SN 64 OEE Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14439  Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/21  
Wolverhampton 852 SN 64 OEF Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14440  Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/22  
Wolverhampton 853 SN 64 OEG Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14441  Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/23 54 Branded - Chelsea Elizabeth
Wolverhampton 854 SN 64 OEH Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14460  Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/24 54 Branded - Anya
Walsall 855 SN 64 OEJ Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14461  Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/25  
Walsall 856 SN 64 OEK Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14462  Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/26  
Walsall 857 SN 64 OEL Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14463  Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/27  
Walsall 858 SN 64 OEM Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14464 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/28  
Walsall 859 SN 64 OEO Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14465 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/29  
Walsall 860 SN 64 OEP Alexander Dennis E20D SFD7H9ER6EGY14466 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F E235/30  

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