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  Registration Chassis Type VIN Body Body number seating
  SV 56 BWB Volvo B12B YV3R8L2237A118128 Plaxton 0715TAR7003 C65FTL
  SV 56 BWC Volvo B12B YV3R8L2237A118131 Plaxton 0715TAR7004 C65FTL
  BF 58 UEV Setra S416GT-HD WKK63213423106054 Setra   C49FT
  BV 10 ZKA Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000097 Mercedes   C49FT
  BV 10 ZKB Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000098 Mercedes   C49FT
  BV 10 ZKD Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000100 Mercedes   C49FT
  BV 10 ZKE Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000101 Mercedes   C49FT
  BV 10 ZKF Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000102 Mercedes   C49FT
  BV 10 ZKH Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000104 Mercedes   C49FT
  BV 10 ZKM Setra S415GT-HD WKK63213423107846 Setra   C35FT
  BN 11 UGA Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000159 Mercedes   C49FLT
  BN 11 UGB Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000160 Mercedes   C49FLT
  BN 11 UGC Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000161 Mercedes   C49FLT
  BN 11 UGD Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000162 Mercedes   C49FLT
  BN 11 UGE Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000163 Mercedes   C49FLT
  BN 11 UGF Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000164 Mercedes   C49FLT
  BN 11 UGG Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000165 Mercedes   C49FLT
  BN 11 UGH Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000166 Mercedes   C49FLT
  BN 11 UGJ Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000167 Mercedes   C49FLT
  BN 11 UGK Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000168 Mercedes   C49FLT
  BN 11 UGL Setra S416GT-HD WKK63213423109481 Setra   C49FT
  BF 61 HCH Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000178 Mercedes   C53FL
  BF 61 HCJ Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000179 Mercedes   C53FL
  BF 61 HCK Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000180 Mercedes   C53FL
  BF 61 HCL Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000184 Mercedes   C53FL
  BF 61 HCN Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000181 Mercedes   C53FL
  BF 61 HCO Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000182 Mercedes   C53FL
  BF 61 HCP Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000183 Mercedes   C53FL
  BF 61 HCX Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000176 Mercedes   C53FL
  BF 61 HCY Mercedes Tourismo WEB63203623000177 Mercedes   C53FL
  MY 12 OPR Scania i6   VS916AD00C1016074 Irizar 140506 C35FT
  PE 13 GMU Mercedes O816D WDB6703742N145116 UNVI 1924 C25F
  PE 13 GMV Mercedes O816D WDB6703742N145120 UNVI -?- C25F
   BJ 15 UVK Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523000453 Mercedes   C53F
  BJ 15 UVL Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523000454 Mercedes   C53F
  BJ 15 UVM Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523000455 Mercedes   C53F
  BJ 15 UVN Mercedes Tourismo WEB63247523000467 Mercedes   C53FT
  BJ 15 UVO Mercedes Tourismo WEB63247523000468 Mercedes   C53FT
  ES 15 EHS Irizar i4 VS914AD00E1016292 Irizar -?- C53F
  RO 15 VGX Mercedes 516CDI WDB9061552N596556 Car-Bus (Barcelona) 1599 C20F
  RV 15 ZJO Mercedes 516CDI WDB9061552N597363 Car-Bus (Barcelona) 1600 C20F
  YM 15 DKF Irizar i6  VS916AD00F1016373 Irizar -?- C53F
  YT 65 BYJ Irizar i6   VS916AD00F1016418 Irizar -?- C53FT
  YT 65 BYK Irizar i6   VS916AD00F1016420 Irizar -?- C53FT
  YT 65 BYL Irizar i6   VS916AD00F1016422 Irizar 142438 C53FT
  YT 65 BYM Irizar i6   VS916AD00F1016427 Irizar -?- C53FT
  YT 65 BYN Irizar i6   VS916AD00F1016431 Irizar 142440 C53FT
  YN 16 NZC Irizar i6   VS916AD00F1016510 Irizar 142823 C57FT
  YN 16 NZD Irizar i6   VS916AD00F1016512 Irizar -?- C57FT
  YN 16 NZE Irizar i6   VS916AD00F1016499 Irizar 142828 C57FT
  YN 16 NZF Irizar i6   VS916AD00F1016497 Irizar -?- C57FT
  YN 16 NZG Irizar i6   VS916AD00F1016513 Irizar -?- C57FT
  YN 16 NZH Irizar i6   VS916AD00F1016490 Irizar -?- C57FT
  YR 16 UCS Irizar i8   VS918AD00F1016520 Irizar -?- C37FT

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