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South East Wales based vehicles photographed
PN02 TJV                
L17 ACO                
Phil Anslow
YX17 NYP YJ16 UTB              
Baker {Jennecca Travel}
FY52 KXV                
Fox {GTS}
409 FRH YN06 RVC              
BF61 HBG                
Goto Travel
DY59 MYB                
Handy {Sixty Sixty Coaches}
MJI 6060                
Jenkins {Jenson Travel}
FP53 JYE DY52 DZF              
Johns Travel
YN05 BWB                
B19 BUS                
Kerslake & Morris {Castell Coaches}
T20 DMB Y2 CCH              
Monmouthshire Council
CX06 AHJ YN13 GXJ              
Owen {Coachways / European Heritage}
T200 OCL                
YN08 MPV YR15 VBP              
Pencoed Travel
OIG 2785                
Taylor {GAT Transport}
DY13 ODG                
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