NEAT Fleetchanges
        National Express Accessible Transport
January 2020 A117 Aston - withdrawn
A140 Wednesbury - withdrawn
A207; A230; A247 Frankley - Wednesbury
A521; A522; A526; A528; A529; A531; A535 new to Runcorn Road
A523; A524 new to Coventry
A525 new - unallocated
A527; A530; A533; A534 new to Aston
A532; A536; A537 new to Frankley
A566 Aston - Wednesbury
A607 Runcorn Road - Aston
A651 Aston - withdrawn
A687; A688 Frankley - Wednesbury
A1015; A1029 new to Runcorn Road
A1016; A1017; A1018; A1022; A1023; A1027 new to Frankley
A1019; A1020; A1024; A1025; A1026; A1028 new to Coventry
A1021 new to Wolverhampton