First Potteries
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Dividy Road, Adderley Green, Stoke-on-Trent ST3 5YY

(correct as at 8th January 2018)

Allocation  Fleetnumber  Registration  Chassis  Chassis number  Body  Body number
  32081 KP 51 WBL Volvo B7TL YV3S2G5122A001971 Alexander ALX400 H49/27F 150340102
  32627 KP 54 KAO Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6285A103514 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H658
  32630 KP 54 KBE Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6295A103554 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H671
  32632 KP 54 KBJ Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6225A103587 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H673
  32633 KP 54 LAE Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6225A103606 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H674
  32634 KP 54 LAO Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6245A103607 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H675
  32635 KX 05 MGV Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6245A103705 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H676
  32639 KP 54 AZA Volvo B7TL YV3S2G62X5A102963 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H677
32647 KP 54 AZN Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6265A103320 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H685
  32648 KP 54 KBK Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6285A103304 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H686
  32649 KP 54 KBN Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6285A103321 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H687
  32650 KP 54 KBO Volvo B7TL YV3S2G62X5A103322 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F H688
  37146 YN 06 UPZ Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6226A113926 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F AA068
  37156 AU 07 DXS Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6297A116677 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F AA401
  37157 AU 07 DXT Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6207A116678 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F AA402
  37158 AU 07 DXV Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6227A116679 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F AA403
  37159 AU 07 DXW Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6297A116680 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F AA404
  37160 AU 07 DXX Volvo B7TL YV3S2G62X7A116722 Wright Eclipse Gemini H45/29F AA405
  41495 LK 03 LME Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16522 SCC Nimbus B33F 4371/03
  41496 LK 03 LMF Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16523 SCC Nimbus B33F 4372/03
  41497 LK 03 LNU Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16524 SCC Nimbus B33F 4373/03
  41498 LK 03 NLN Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16525 SCC Nimbus B33F 4374/03
  41499 LK 03 LNV Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16526 SCC Nimbus B33F 4375/03
  41500 LK 03 LNW Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16527 SCC Nimbus B33F 4376/03
  41501 LK 03 LNX Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16509 SCC Nimbus B33F 4377/03
  41502 LK 03 NLD Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16536 SCC Nimbus B33F 4378/03
  42552 WX 05 UAJ Dennis Dart SLF SFD1BACR44GW18180 Plaxton Pointer B31F 4227/1
  42553 WX 05 UAK Dennis Dart SLF SFD1BACR44GW18181 Plaxton Pointer B31F 4227/2
  42554 WX 05 UAL Dennis Dart SLF SFD1BACR44GW18182 Plaxton Pointer B31F 4227/3
  43875 MX 56 HYO Alexander Dennis Dart SFD6BACR46GW88908 Alexander Dennis B29F 6222/4
  43876 MX 56 HYP Alexander Dennis Dart SFD6BACR46GW88907 Alexander Dennis B29F 6222/3
  43877 EU 06 KDK Alexander Dennis Dart SFD6BACR45GW88369 SCC B28F 4517
  53041 VU 02 PKY Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000000802 Optare B22F  
  53122 EO 02 NFD Optare M920 SAB1900000000824 Optare Solo B30F  
  53124 EO 02 NFF Optare M920 SAB1900000000826 Optare Solo B30F  
  53155 CN 06 BXH Optare M920 SAB1900000002274 Optare Solo B31F  
  53207 CN 07 KZK Optare M950 SABFNGAF07R192889 Optare Solo B29F  
trainer 60316 N521 WVR Volvo B10B-58 YV3R13F11SA001758 Wt DP50F U128
trainer 60317 N522 WVR Volvo B10B-58 YV3R13F12SA002031 Wt DP50F U129 
  63096 SM 13 NBN Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX13141250 Wright B41F AH932
  63097 SM 13 NBO Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX13141251 Wright B41F AH933
  63098 SM 13 NBX Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX13141252 Wright B41F AH934
  63099 SM 13 NBY Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX13141253 Wright B41F AH935
  63100 SM 13 NBZ Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX13141254 Wright B41F AH936
  63101 SM 13 NCA Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX13141255 Wright B41F AH937
  63171 SN 64 CGE Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141729 Wright B41F AK573
  63172 SN 64 CGF Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141730 Wright B41F AK574
  63173 SN 64 CGG Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141731 Wright B41F AK575
  63174 SN 64 CGK Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141732 Wright B41F AK576
  63175 SN 64 CGO Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141733 Wright B41F AK577
  63176 SN 64 CGU Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141734 Wright B41F AK578
  63177 SN 64 CGV Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141735 Wright B41F AK579
  63178 SN 64 CGX Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141736 Wright B41F AK580
  63179 SN 64 CGY Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141737 Wright B41F AK581
  65001 YN 04 YJC Scania CN94UB 1847744 Scania B42F  
  65002 YN 04 YJD Scania CN94UB 1847745 Scania B42F  
  65003 YN 04 YJE Scania CN94UB 1847746 Scania B42F  
  65004 YN 04 YJF Scania CN94UB 1847795 Scania B42F  
  65005 YN 04 YJG Scania CN94UB 1847796 Scania B42F  
  65026 YN 54 OCK Scania CN94UB 1848574 Scania B42F  
  65027 YN 05 HCL Scania CN94UB 1848642 Scania B42F  
  65033 YN 06 WME Scania CN94UB 1854252 Scania B41F  
  65034 YN 06 WMF Scania CN94UB 1854253 Scania B41F  
  65035 YN 06 WMG Scania CN94UB 1854254 Scania B41F  
  65036 YN 06 WMJ Scania CN94UB 1854258 Scania B41F  
  65037 YN 06 WMK Scania CN94UB 1854259 Scania B41F  
  65038 YN 06 WML Scania CN94UB 1854257 Scania B41F  
  65039 YN 06 WMM Scania CN94UB 1854255 Scania B41F  
  65040 YN 06 WMO Scania CN94UB 1854256 Scania B41F  
  65041 YN 06 WMP Scania CN94UB 1854310 Scania B41F  
  65042 YN 06 WMT Scania CN94UB 1854311 Scania B41F  
  65705 YN 04 GME Scania L94UB 1847084 Wright B43F H095
  65706 YN 04 GMF Scania L94UB 1846067 Wright B43F H093
  65727 YN 05 HCO Scania L94UB 1850788 Wright B43F J488
  65728 YN 05 HCP Scania L94UB 1850728 Wright B43F J486
  65729 YN 05 HCU Scania L94UB 1850784 Wright B43F J490
  65730 YN 05 HCV Scania L94UB 1850779 Wright B43F J487
  65731 YN 05 HCX Scania L94UB 1850800 Wright B43F J491
  65732 YN 05 HCY Scania L94UB 1850851 Wright B43F J492
  65733 YN 05 HCZ Scania L94UB 1850843 Wright B43F J489
  66852 MX 05 CHG Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6235A105349 Wright Eclipse B43F J072
  66962 KX 05 MHY Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6205A103977 Wright Eclipse B43F H795
  66963 KX 05 MHZ Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6225A103978 Wright Eclipse B43F H796
  66964 KX 05 MJE Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6215A104006 Wright Eclipse B43F H797
  67151 YX 66 WFJ Alexander Dennis E20D SFDDLABR8GGYA5747 Alexander Dennis E200MMC B41F G241/1
  67152 YX 66 WFK Alexander Dennis E20D SFDDLABR8GGYA5748 Alexander Dennis E200MMC B41F G241/2
  67153 YX 66 WFL Alexander Dennis E20D SFDDLABR8GGYA5751 Alexander Dennis E200MMC B41F G241/3
  67154 YX 66 WFM Alexander Dennis E20D SFDDLABR8GGYA5752 Alexander Dennis E200MMC B41F G241/4
  67155 YX 66 WFN Alexander Dennis E20D SFDDLABR8GGYA5753 Alexander Dennis E200MMC B41F G241/5
  67156 YX 66 WFO Alexander Dennis E20D SFDDLABR8GGYA5754 Alexander Dennis E200MMC B41F G241/6
  67157 YX 66 WFP Alexander Dennis E20D SFDDLABR8GGYA5755 Alexander Dennis E200MMC B41F G241/7
  67158 YX 66 WFR Alexander Dennis E20D SFDDLABR8GGYA5756 Alexander Dennis E200MMC B41F G241/8
  67159 YY 66 PXP Alexander Dennis E20D SFDDLABR9GGYA5902 Alexander Dennis E200MMC B41F G268/1
  67601 VX 53 VJV Transbus E300 SFD113AR13GG10139 Tbs B44F 3068/1
  67602 VX 53 VJZ Transbus E300 SFD113AR13GG10140 Tbs B44F 3068/2
  67603 VX 53 VKA Transbus E300 SFD113AR13GG10141 Tbs B44F 3068/3
  67604 VX 53 VKB Transbus E300 SFD113AR13GG10142 Tbs B44F 3068/4
  67631 VX 54 MOV Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10180 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/1
  67632 VX 54 MPE Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10181 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/2
  67633 VX 54 MPF Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10182 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/3
  67634 VX 54 MPO Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10185 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/4
  67635 VX 54 MPU Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10186 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/5
  67636 VX 54 MPV Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10187 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/6
  67637 VX 54 MPY Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10188 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/7
  67638 VX 54 MPZ Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10191 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/8
  67639 VX 54 MRO Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10192 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/9
  67640 VX 54 MRU Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10183 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/10
  67641 VX 54 MRV Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10184 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/11
67642 VX 54 MRY Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10189 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/12
  67643 VX 54 MSO Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10190 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/13
  67647 VX 54 MTF Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10196 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/17
  67648 VX 54 MTJ Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10197 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/18
  67649 VX 54 MTK Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10198 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/19
  67650 VX 54 MTO Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10199 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/20
  67651 VX 54 MTU Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10200 Alexander Dennis B44F 4301/21
  67653 VX 05 LVT Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10210 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/8
  67654 VX 05 LVU Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10201 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/9
  67655 VX 05 LVV Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10208 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/10
  67656 VX 05 LVW Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10211 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/11
  vehicles now left the fleet
  30029 G753 XRE Leyland Olympian ONCL10/1RZ ON11217 Leyland H47/29F DD1057 
  30031 G755 XRE Leyland Olympian ONCL10/1RZ ON11280 Leyland H47/29F DD1066
  30033 G757 XRE Leyland Olympian ONCL10/1RZ ON11273 Leyland CH39/29F DD1060 
  30034 G758 XRE Leyland Olympian ONCL10/1RZ ON11275 Leyland H47/29F DD1061 
  30038 G762 XRE Leyland Olympian ONCL10/1RZ ON11279 Leyland CH39/29F DD1065 
  31518 M847 DUS Volvo Olympian YN2RV18Z4 SLVYNF210SC025789 Alexander H47/28F RL68/9425/14 
  31519 M849 DUS Vo YN2RV18Z4 25791 Ar H47/28F RL68/9425/16
  31522 M848 DUS Vo YN2RV18Z4 25790 Ar H47/28F RL68/9425/15 
  32053 W213 XBD Volvo B7TL YV3S2C610YC000371 Alexander ALX400 H49/29F 9937/25
  32054 W214 XBD Volvo B7TL YV3S2C613YC000431  Alexander ALX400 H49/29F 0009/17
  32055 W215 XBD Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61XYC000409  Alexander ALX400 H49/29F 0009/18
  32056 W216 XBD Volvo B7TL YV3S2C615YC000432 Alexander ALX400 H49/29F 0009/19
  32057 W217 XBD Volvo B7TL YV3S2C612YC000436 Alexander ALX400 H49/29F 0009/20
  32077 KP 51 WBD Volvo B7TL YV3S2G5102A001970 Alexander ALX400 H49/27F 150330102
  32078 KP 51 WBG Volvo B7TL YV3S2G5112A001881 Alexander ALX400 H49/27F 150041201
  32079 KP 51 WBJ Volvo B7TL YV3S2G5162A001911 Alexander ALX400 H49/27F 150141201
  32080 KP 51 WBK Volvo B7TL YV3S2G5112A001945 Alexander ALX400 H49/27F 150240102
  34158 P658 UFB Volvo Olympian OLY-50 YV3YNA414VC027819 Northern Counties H47/29F 5957
  34285 P185 TGD Volvo Olympian YN2RV18V3 YV3YNA411TC026883 Alexander H47/32F 9529/42
  34286 P186 TGD Volvo Olympian YN2RV18V3 YV3YNA415TC026885 Alexander H47/32F 9529/43
  34288 P188 TGD Volvo Olympian YN2RV18V3 YV3YNA41XTC026896 Alexander H47/32F 9529/45
  34311 L311 PWR Volvo Olympian YN2RV18Z4 SLVYNF219RC025395 Northern Counties H47/29F 4759
  40003 S766 RNE Dennis Dart SLF SFD612BR1WGW12847 Plaxton B28F 998.8GKB0095
  40007 T160 BBF Optare Solo M850 VN6156 Optare B27F 6156
  40008 T161 BBF Oe M850 VN6157 Optare B27F 6157
  40009 T162 BBF Optare Solo M850 VN6158 Optare B27F 6158
  40010 T163 BBF Optare Solo M850 VN6160 Optare B27F 6160
  40011 T164 BBF Optare Solo M850 VN6179 Optare B27F 6179
  40015 W474 SVT Optare Solo M850 VN6375 Optare B27F 6375
  40016 W475 SVT Optare Solo M850 VN6376 Optare B27F 6376
  40017 W476 SVT Optare Solo M850 VN6377 Optare B27F 6377
  40018 W477 SVT Optare Solo M850 VN6378 Optare B27F 6378
  40019 W478 SVT Optare Solo M850 VN6379 Optare B27F 6379
  40020 X289 FFA Optare Solo M850 VN6485 Optare B27F 6485
  40021 X291 FFA Optare Solo M850 VN6486 Optare B27F 6486
  40022 X292 FFA Optare Solo M850 VN6487 Optare B27F 6487
  40023 X293 FFA Optare Solo M850 VN6488 Optare B27F 6488
  40024 X294 FFA Optare Solo M850 VN6489 Optare B27F 6489
  40025 X295 FFA Optare Solo M850 VN6490 Optare B27F 6490
  40026 X296 FFA Optare Solo M850 VN6491 Optare B27F 6491
  40027 X297 FFA Optare Solo M850 VN6492 Optare B27F 6492
  40028 X298 FFA Optare Solo M850 VN6493 Optare B27F 6493
  40029 X299 FFA Optare Solo M850 VN6494 Optare B27F 6494
  40030 T371 NUA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13605 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9917/12
  40136 R978 NVT Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1WGW12135 Plaxton B37F 9810.7HLB8590
  40137 R979 NVT Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1WGW12136 Plaxton B37F 9810.7HLB8591
  40138 R980 NVT Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1WGW12137 Plaxton B37F 9810.7HLB8592
  40139 R981 NVT Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1WGW12138 Plaxton B37F 9810.7HLB8593
  40140 T982 LBF Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13582 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9917/4
  40141 T983 LBF Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13583 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9917/5
  40142 T984 LBF Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13584 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9917/6
  40143 T985 LBF Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13585 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9917/7
  40144 T986 LBF Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13586 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9917/8
  40145 T987 LBF Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13601 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9917/9
  40146 V988 GBF Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13861 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9918/1
  40147 V989 GBF Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13887 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9918/2
  40148 X991 FFA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1YGW64909 Alexander ALX300 B37F 0008/15
  40149 X992 FFA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1YGW64929 Alexander ALX300 B37F 0008/16
  40150 X993 FFA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1YGW64930 Alexander ALX300 B37F 0008/17
  40151 X994 FFA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1YGW64931 Alexander ALX300 B37F 0008/18
  40152 X995 FFA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1YGW64932 Alexander ALX300 B37F 0008/19
  40153 T364 NUA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13557 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9905/19
  40154 T365 NUA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13556 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9905/20
  40155 T372 NUA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13606 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9917/14
  40158 P124 NLW Dennis Dart SLF SFD112BR1VGW10851 Marshall B31F C39-019
  40159 P138 NLW Dennis Dart SLF SFD112BR1VGW10895 Marshall B31F C39-033
  40163 R431 PSH Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1WGW12271 Plaxton B37F 9810.7HLB8753
  40164 R335 HYG Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW12170 Plaxton B37F 9810.7HLB8620
  40165 P118 NLW Dennis Dart SFD112BR1VGW10780 Marshall B31F C39-013
  40166 P119 NLW Dennis Dart SFD112BR1VGW10792 Marshall B31F C39-014
  40167 P120 NLW Dennis Dart SLF SFD112BR1VGW10966 Marshall B31F C39-042
  40168 P121 NLW Dennis Dart SLF SFD112BR1VGW10794 Marshall B31F C39-016
  40169 P122 NLW Dennis Dart SFD112BR1VGW10795 Marshall B31F C39-017
  40170 P123 NLW Dennis Dart SFD112BR1VGW10850 Marshall B31F C39-018
  40171 P140 NLW Dennis Dart SLF SFD112BR1VGW10897 Marshall B31F C39-035
  40172 P125 NLW Dennis Dart SLF SFD112BR1VGW10852 Marshall B31F C39-020
  40173 P126 NLW Dennis Dart SLF SFD112BR1VGW10853 Marshall B31F C39-021
  40174 S246 CSF Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1WGW12939 Plaxton B37F 9910.7HLB0380
  40175 S247 CSF Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1WGW12949 Plaxton B37F 9910.7HLB0381
  40176 P127 NLW Dennis Dart SFD112BR1VGW10884 Marshall B31F C39-022
  40177 P128 NLW Dennis Dart SLF SFD112BR1VGW10885 Marshall B31F C39-023
  40178 P141 NLW Dennis Dart SLF SFD112BR1VGW10898 Marshall B31F C39-036
  40179 R330 HYG Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW12161 Plaxton B37F 9810.7HLB8615
  40180 V 41 DTE Optare Solo M850 VN6300 Optare B25F 6300
  40304 V 71 GEH Optare Solo M850 VN6298 Optare B27F 6298
  40305 V472 GBF Optare Solo M850 VN6299 Optare B27F 6299
  40367 R241 SBA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11401 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7445
  40373 R247 SBA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11419 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7451
  40375 R249 SBA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11421 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7453
  40376 R250 SBA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11428 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7454
  40377 R251 SBA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11429 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7455
  40378 R252 SBA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11443 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7456
  40379 R253 SBA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11444 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7457
  40383 R257 SBA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11640 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7461
  40682 T166 BBF Oe M850 VN6181 Optare B27F 6181
  40745 P750 XUS Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW10855 UVG B39F 5605/97
  40749 P754 XUS Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11014 UVG B39F 5611/97
  40751 P757 XUS Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11059 UVG B39F 5648/97
  40779 P859 XUS Dennis Dart SLF SFD212BR1TGW10555 EL B37F B21608
  40805 R312 GHS Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11694 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7859
  41070 V370 KLG Dennis Dart SLF SFD212BR1XGW14154 Marshall B37F C39.546
  41492 LK 03 LMJ Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16490 SCC Nimbus B33F 4368/03
  41493 LK 03 LLX Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16491 SCC Nimbus B33F 4369/03
  41494 LK 03 LLZ Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16508 SCC Nimbus B33F 4370/03
  41512 LK 03 NGE Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16539 SCC Nimbus B33F 4417/03
  41514 LK 03 NGG Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW16549 SCC Nimbus B33F 4419/03
  41520 LK 03 UEX Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW17069 SCC Nimbus B33F 4425/03
  41521 LK 03 UEY Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW17070 SCC Nimbus B33F 4426/03
  41522 LK 03 UEZ Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GW17071 SCC Nimbus B33F 4427/03
  41540 LK 53 FDZ Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR33GW17184 SCC Nimbus B33F 4445/03
  42353 Y353 AUY Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1YGW14994 SCC B34F 4122/2000
  42356 Y356 AUY Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1YGW15158 SCC B34F 4124/2000
  42726 T726 REU Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1WGW13026 Plaxton Pointer B35F 9910.7HLB0449
  42727 T727 REU Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1WGW13027 Plaxton Pointer B35F 9910.7HLB0450
  50019 V119 DLH Iveco 49-10 ZCFC0497005224615 Wre M12  
  50281 W312 DWX Optare Solo M850 VN6419 Optare B27F 6419
  50296 W327 DWX Optare Solo M850 VN6434 Optare B27F 6434
  53041 VU 02 PKY Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000000802 Optare B22F  
  53042 VU 03 YJT Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001141 Optare B26F   
  53058 VX 53 OEV Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001277 Optare B26F  
  53059 VX 53 OEN Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001250 Optare B26F  
  53060 VX 53 OEO Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001251 Optare B26F  
  53063 VX 53 OET Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001254 Optare B26F  
  53064 VX 53 OEU Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001255 Optare B26F  
  53118 EO 02 NEU Optare M920 SAB1900000000820 Optare Solo B30F  
  53119 EO 02 NEY Optare M920 SAB1900000000821 Optare Solo B30F  
  53120 EO 02 NFA Optare M920 SAB1900000000822 Optare Solo B30F  
  53123 EO 02 NFE Optare M920 SAB1900000000825 Optare Solo B30F  
  53208 CN 07 KZL Optare M950 SABFNGAF07R192890 Optare Solo B29F  
  53209 CN 07 KZM Optare M950SL SABFNGAF07R192891 Optare Solo B29F  
  53405 VX 57 CYO Optare M880SL SABENGAF06R192579 Optare Solo B28F  
  53828 MX 56 NLJ Optare M850SL SABENDAF06R192249 Optare Solo B28F  
  53829 MX 56 NLK Optare M850SL SABENDAF06R192250 Optare Solo B28F  
  53830 CN 06 BXF Optare M920 SAB1900000002274 Optare Solo B31F  
  60004 S356 MFP Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832688 Wright B40F A367
  60006 S350 MFP Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832338 Wright B40F A361
  60011 R346 SUT Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01831553 Wright B40F A131
  60012 S348 MFP Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832693 Wright B40F A359
  60013 S103 TNB Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001833146 Wright B40F A571
  60015 S106 TNB Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001833407 Wright B40F A574
  60056 S814 AEH Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832049 Wright B40F A113
  60057 S815 AEH Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832048 Wright B40F A114
  60058 S816 AEH Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832047 Wright B40F A115
  60059 S817 AEH Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832042 Wright B40F A116
  60060 S818 AEH Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832053 Wright B40F A117
  60061 S819 AEH Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832046 Wright B40F A118
  60062 S820 AEH Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832054 Wright B40F A119
  60063 S821 AEH Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832055 Wright B40F A120
  60068 T826 SFS Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001834558 Wright B43F A693
  60069 T827 SFS Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001834585 Wright B43F A694
  60070 T828 SFS Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001834589 Wright B43F A695
  60072 V830 GBF Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001835309 Wright B43F B366
60073 V831 GBF Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001835507 Wright B43F B367
  60074 V832 GBF Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001835499 Wright B43F B368
  60075 R438 ALS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01830937 Wright B41F Y181
  60078 R441 ALS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01830161 Wright B41F Y184
  60079 R442 ALS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01831062 Wright B41F Y185
  60081 S101 TNB Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001833147 Wright B40F A569
  60082 S357 MFP Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832691 Wright B40F A368
  60083 S353 MFP Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832342 Wright B40F A363
  60097 N863 CEH Ds Le 11SDA3113/434 Pn DP45F 95119HAL4056
  60098 N864 CEH Ds Le 11SDA3113/435 Pn DP45F 95119HAL4057  
  60100 N866 CEH Ds Le 11SDA3113/439 Pn DP45F 95119HAL4059  
  60127 K440 XRF Mercedes 709D WDB6690032N002141 Plaxton B24F 92.7MHV0942  
  60128 S105 TNB Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001833253 Wright B40F A573
  60134 P430 GLS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01828176 Wright B47F W131
  60135 R177 GSX Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01831064 Wright B40F Y441
  60136 R179 GSX Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01831120 Wright B40F Y443
  60137 S685 BFS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832331 Wright B40F A163
  60170 T917 SSF Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001834334 Wright B40F A619
  60171 T918 SSF Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001834145 Wright B40F A618
  60173 V142 DND Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001836246 Wright B42F B380
  60174 V122 DND Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001836250 Wright B42F B381
  60175 V330 DBU Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001836208 Wright B42F B382
  60176 V124 DND Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001836261 Wright B42F B383
60189 V137 DND Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001835393 Wright B42F B518
  60193 V141 DND Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001836671 Wright B42F B522
  60194 W142 PSH Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001836735 Wright B43F D107
  60196 X253 USH Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001837515 Wright B43F D141
  60201 X257 USH Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001837532 Wright B43F D145
  60202 Y346 XBN Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001837615 Wright B43F D146
  60205 X261 USH Scania L94UB YS4L2X20001838010 Wright B43F D284
  60208 Y347 XBN Scania L94UB YS4L2X20001838014 Wright B43F D280
  60215 S561 JSE Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001833122 Wright B40F A311
  60456 R176 GSX Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01831063 Wright B40F Y440
  61143 S361 MFP Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001832952 Wright B40F A299
  61144 S688 BFS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832337 Wright B40F A166
  61145 S690 BFS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832335 Wright B40F A168
  61159 R173 GSX Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01830935 Wright B40F Y437
  61160 S684 BFS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832330 Wright B40F A162
  61235 S680 BFS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832327 Wright B40F A159
  61237 S681 BFS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832051 Wright B40F A160
  61238 S683 BFS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832325 Wright B40F A161
  61239 S689 BFS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832334 Wright B40F A167
  61243 R126 GSF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01830181 Wright B40F Y147
  61244 R124 GSF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01830123 Wright B40F Y145
  61245 R127 GSF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01830182 Wright B40F Y148
  61246 S686 BFS Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01832333 Wright B40F A164
  61529 R117 GSF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01829841 Wright B40F Y138
  61531 R119 GSF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01829959 Wright B40F Y140
  61551 R166 GSF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01830688 Wright B40F Y178
  61553 R168 GSF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01831119 Wright B40F Y180
  61554 R169 GSF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01831115 Wright B39F Y433
  61555 R170 GSF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01831118 Wright B40F Y434
  61556 R171 GSF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01831117 Wright B40F Y435
  63180 DRZ 9713 Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX11141077 Wright B44F AF915
  65561 R261 DVF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01831811 Wright B40F A125
  65562 R262 DVF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01831813 Wright B40F A126
  65564 R264 DVF Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01831812 Wright B40F A128
  65567 S567 TPW Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001834056 Wright B40F A597
  65568 S568 TPW Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001833999 Wright B40F A598
  65572 S572 TPW Scania L94UB YS4L4X20001834135 Wright B40F A602
  66841 MX 05 CGF Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6265A105152 Wright B43F J048
  66845 MX 05 CGU Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G62X5A105378 Wright B43F J052
  66849 MX 05 CHC Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6285A105346 Wright B43F J069
  66850 MX 05 CHD Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G62X5A105347 Wright B43F J070

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