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(correct as at 8th January 2018)

Allocation Fleetnumber Registration Chassis Chassis Number Body Body Number
  20202 T702 JLD Volvo B12B YV3R2A212XA007258 Plaxton C51F 9912VHS0826
  32066 KP 51 VZO Volvo B7TL YV3S2G51X2A001863 Alexander ALX400 H49/27F 150011201
  32067 KP 51 VZR Volvo B7TL YV3S2G5162A001908 Alexander ALX400 H49/27F 150111201
  33043 LN 51 DVG Dennis Trident 2 SFD136BR21GX21790 Plaxton President H39/20F 7584
  33401 VX 54 MTV Dennis Trident 2 SFD388BR64GX53585 Alexander ALX400 H47/27F 4410/1
  33402 VX 54 MTY Dennis Trident 2 SFD388BR64GX53586 Alexander ALX400 H47/27F 4410/2
  33403 VX 54 MTZ Dennis Trident 2 SFD388BR64GX53587 Alexander ALX400 H47/27F 4410/3
  33404 VX 54 MUA Dennis Trident 2 SFD388BR64GX53588 Alexander ALX400 H47/27F 4410/4
  33405 VX 54 MUB Dennis Trident 2 SFD388BR64GX53589 Alexander ALX400 H47/27F 4410/5
  35156 SN 65 OKH Wright StreetDeck SA9DDRSXX15141065 Wright H45/34F AL571
  35157 SN 65 OKJ Wright StreetDeck SA9DDRSXX15141066 Wright H45/34F AL572
  35158 SN 65 OKK Wright StreetDeck SA9DDRSXX15141067 Wright H45/34F AL573
  35159 SN 65 OKL Wright StreetDeck SA9DDRSXX15141068 Wright H45/34F AL574
  42892 VX 54 MUU Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18025 Plaxton Pointer B37F 4223/4
  42893 VX 54 MUV Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18026 Plaxton Pointer B37F 4223/5
  42894 VX 05 JWW Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18027 Plaxton Pointer B37F 4223/6
  44511 DK 57 SPZ Alexander Dennis E200 SFD321AR17GY10479 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F 7221/2
  44514 MX 07 OZD Alexander Dennis E200 SFD321AR16GY10107 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B37F 6204/2
  44515 MX 10 DXU Alexander Dennis E200 SFD3B1AR59GY11411 Alexander Dennis Enviro200 B36F 9216/4
  47513 SN 64 CFM Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141767 Wright B37F AK625
  47514 SN 64 CFO Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141768 Wright B37F AK626
  47515 SN 64 CFP Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141769 Wright B37F AK627
  47516 SN 64 CFU Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141770 Wright B37F AK628
  47517 SN 64 CFV Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141771 Wright B37F AK629
  47518 SN 64 CFX Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141772 Wright B37F AK630
  47519 SN 64 CFY Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141773 Wright B37F AK631
  47520 SN 64 CFZ Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX14141774 Wright B37F AK632
  53044 VU 03 YJW Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001143 Optare B26F  
  53047 VU 03 YJZ Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001146 Optare B26F  
  53048 VU 03 YKB Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001147 Optare B26F  
  53049 VU 03 YKC Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001148 Optare B26F  
  53050 VU 03 YKD Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001149 Optare B26F  
  53051 VU 03 YKE Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001150 Optare B26F  
  53061 VX 53 OEP Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001252 Optare B26F  
  53062 VX 53 OER Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001253 Optare B26F  
  53802 WX05 RRV Optare Solo M850SL SAB19000000001720 Optare B26F  
Trainer 60311 M516 PNA Volvo B10B-58 YV3R13F15SA001651 Wright Endurance DP50F T110 
Trainer 60340 N545 WVR Volvo B10B-58 YV3R13F11TA002278 Wright Endurance DP50F U152
  63358 SM 65 LNR Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX15141231 Wright B41F AM578
  63359 SM 65 WMC Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX15141232 Wright B41F AM579
  63360 SM 65 WMD Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX15141233 Wright B41F AM580
  63361 SM 65 WME Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX15141234 Wright B41F AM581
  63362 SM 65 WMF Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX15141234 Wright B41F AM582
  63363 SM 65 WMG Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX15141235 Wright B41F AM583
  63364 SM 65 WMJ Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX15141236 Wright B41F AM584
  63365 SM 65 WMK Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX15141237 Wright B41F AM605
  63366 SM 65 WML Wright StreetLite DF SA9DSRXXX15141238 Wright B41F AM606
  66305 KV 02 VVG Volvo B7L YV3R7G6162A001034 Wright Eclipse B41F E543
  66691 CN 07 HVG Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6267A121101 Plaxton Centro B45F 0712TGA7289
  66692 CN 07 HVH Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6267A121177 Plaxton Centro B45F 0712TGA7290
  66693 CN 07 HVK Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6287A121102 Plaxton Centro B45F 0712TGA7292
  66694 CN 07 HVJ Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6247A121176 Plaxton Centro B45F 0712TGA7291
  66695 CN 57 EFB Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6297A120170 Plaxton Centro B45F 0712TGA7295
  66696 CN 57 EFE Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6297A121769 Plaxton Centro B45F 0712TGA7325
  66697 CN 57 EFF Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6217A121767 Plaxton Centro B45F 0712TGA7326
  66698 CN 07 HVL Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6267A120000 Plaxton Centro B45F 0712TGA7293
  66699 CN 07 HVM Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6247A120173 Plaxton Centro B45F 0712TGA7294
  67652 VX 05 LVS Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10209 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/7
  67657 VX 05 LVY Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10212 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/12
  67658 VX 05 LVZ Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10213 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/13
  67659 VX 05 LWC Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10202 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/1
  67660 VX 05 LWD Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10203 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/2
  67661 VX 05 LWE Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10204 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/3
  67662 VX 05 LWF Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10205 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/4
  67663 VX 05 LWG Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10207 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/5
  67664 VX 05 LWH Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10206 Alexander Dennis B44F 4302/6
  67665 FN 08 AZZ Alexander Dennis E300 SFD121AR26GG10283 Alexander Dennis B44F 6309/3
  67699 PT 59 JPT Alexander Dennis E300 SFD161AR29GG30413 Alexander Dennis B44F 9306/4
  68507 KX 54 AHP BMC 1100FE NMC111TKCRD200005 BMC B60F  
  68559 LK 05 ABV BMC 1100FE NMC111TKCRD200087 BMC B60F  
  69435 WX 59 BYM Volvo B7RLE   YV3R6M32X9A135103 Wright Eclipse B44F   AD574
  69436 WX 59 BYN Volvo B7RLE   YV3R6M3249A135064 Wright Eclipse B44F   AD575
  69449 WX 59 BZC Volvo B7RLE   YV3R6M320AA136250 Wright Eclipse B44F   AD588
  69450 WX 59 BZD Volvo B7RLE   YV3R6M32XAA136031 Wright Eclipse B44F   AD589
  69451 WX 59 BZE Volvo B7RLE   YV3R6M324AA136123 Wright Eclipse B44F   AD590
Vehicles now left the fleet
  20201 T701 JLD Volvo B12B YV3R2A210XA007257 Plaxton C51F 9912VHS0825
20514 WV 02 EUP Volvo B12M YV3R9H4151A000183 Pn C49FTL 0212.8TZT4208
  20515 WV 02 EUR Volvo B12M YV3R9F8192A000414 Pn C49FTL 0212.8TZT4579
  22006 B106 JAB Ld TRCTL11/3R 8401159 Pn C49FT 8512LTP2C041
  23305 YN 54 NXX Sca K114EB YS2K4X20001849038 Ir C49FT 101880
  23306 YN 54 NXY Sca K114EB YS2K4X20001849044 Ir C49FT 101808
  31378 L166 UNS Ld ON2R50C13V3 ON20811 Ar H47/32F RL67/4692/17
  31379 L167 UNS Ld ON2R50C13V3 ON20812 Ar H47/32F RL67/4692/18
  31380 L168 UNS Ld ON2R50C13V3 ON20813 Ar H47/32F RL67/4692/19
  31454 N965 SOS Vo YN2RV18V3 YV3YNF210TC026681 Ar H47/32F 9529/22
  31455 N966 SOS Vo YN2RV18V3 YV3YNA412TC026746 Ar H47/32F 9529/23
  31553 E127 DRS Ld ONCL10/2R ON10787 Ar H49/29D RH54/4387/4
  31452 N963 SOS Volvo YN2RV18V3 YV3YNA419TC026730 Alexander H47/32F 9529/20
  32852 T852 LLC Dennis Trident 2 SFD113BR1XGX20364 Plaxton President H39/21F 6536
  32854 T854 KLF Dennis Trident 2 SFD113BR1XGX20369 Plaxton President H39/21F 6696
  32857 V857 HBY Dennis Trident 2 SFD113BR1XGX20372 Plaxton President H39/21F 6699
  32860 V860 HBY Dennis Trident 2 SFD113BR1XGX20383 Plaxton President H39/21F 6702
  32862 V862 HBY Dennis Trident 2 SFD113BR1XGX20392 Plaxton President H39/21F 6704
  32877 V877 HBY Dennis Trident 2 SFD113BR1XGX20436 Plaxton President H39/21F 6719
  32881 T881 KLF Dennis Trident 2 SFD113BR1XGX20440 Plaxton President H39/21F 6723
  32882 V882 HBY Dennis Trident 2 SFD113BR1XGX20441 Plaxton President H39/21F 6724
  32884 T884 KLF Dennis Trident 2 SFD113BR1XGX20443 Plaxton President H39/21F 6726
  32885 T885 KLF Dennis Trident 2 SFD113BR1XGX20444 Plaxton President H39/21F 6727
  32886 V886 HBY Dennis Trident 2 SFD113BR1XGX20445 Plaxton President H39/21F 6728
  32894 V894 HLH Dennis Trident 2 SFD113BR1XGX30803 Plaxton President H39/21F 6741
  33039 LN 51 DWD Dennis Trident 2 SFD136BR21GX21786 Plaxton President H39/22F 7580
  33042 LN 51 DWG Dennis Trident 2 SFD136BR21GX21789 Plaxton President H39/20F 7583
  33072 LN 51 GOC Dennis Trident 2 SFD336BR21GX21828 Plaxton President H42/??F 7613
  33073 LN 51 GOE Dennis Trident 2 SFD336BR21GX21832 Plaxton President H42/??F 7614
  34287 P187 TGD Vo YN2RV18V3 YV3YNA416TC026894 Ar H47/32F 9529/44
  34289 P189 TGD Vo YN2RV18V3 YV3YNA413TC026898 Ar H47/32F 9529/46
  34302 L302 PWR Vo YN2RV18Z4 25349 NC H47/29F 4750
  34808 C408 HJN Ld  ONLXB/1RH ON10003 ECW CH42/30F 26278
  38085 F 85 XBD Vo B10M-50 YV31MGC15KA021060 Ar CH47/35F RH40/3188/3
  38097 J297 GNV Vo B10M-50 YV31MGB1XMA026811 Ar CH47/35F RH57/2590/3
  38123 K123 URP Volvo B10M-50 YV31MGB16NA029772 Alexander CH47/35F RH106/1791/3 
  38124 K124 URP Vo B10M-50 YV31MGB18NA029773 Ar CH47/35F RH106/1791/4
  38125 K125 URP Volvo B10M-50 YV31MGB13NA029809 Alexander CH47/35F RH106/1791/5
  38126 K126 URP Volvo B10M-50 YV31MGB1XNA029810 Alexander CH47/35F RH106/1791/6
  40068 J901 XRF Ds Dt 9SDL3011/630 Pn DP35F 919HMN0521
  40072 J905 XRF Ds Dt 9SDL3011/638 Pn DP35F 919HMN0525
  40086 K919 XRF Ds Dt 9SDL3011/953 Pn DP35F 929HMN0071
  40088 K921 XRF Ds Dt 9SDL3016/1075 Pn DP35F 929HMN0711
  40092 K925 XRF Ds Dt 9SDL3016/1088 Pn DP35F 929HMN0934
  40093 K926 XRF Ds Dt 9SDL3016/1089 Pn DP35F 929HMN0935
  40096 K929 XRF Ds Dt 9SDL3016/1086 Pn DP35F 929HMN0938
  40245 M101 RRJ Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/2237 NC B39F 4910
  40261 N629 CDB Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/3203 NC B39F 5300
  40269 N637 CDB Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/3223 NC B39F 5308
  40284 N652 CDB Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/3058 Pn B40F 9510HXN4775
  40833 R670 DUS Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11735 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7869
  40837 R674 DUS Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11751 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7873
  40838 R675 DUS Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11762 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7874
  42180 R610 YCR Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11738 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9710.7HLB7595
  42217 R217 MSA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11980 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9810.7HLB8356
  42219 R219 MSA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW12000 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9810.7HLB8358
  42220 R220 MSA Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW12001 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9810.7HLB8359
  42351 Y351 AUY Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1YGW14965 SCC B34F 4119/2000
  42352 Y352 AUY Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1YGW14993 SCC B34F 4121/2000
  42354 Y354 AUY Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1YGW15157 SCC B34F 4123/2000
  42401 P401 MLA Dennis Dart SLF SFD212BR1TGW10219 Plaxton Pointer B34F 9610HJZ5163  
  42402 P402 MLA Dennis Dart SLF SFD212BR1TGW10246 Plaxton Pointer B34F 9610HJZ5164  
  42403 P403 MLA Dennis Dart SLF SFD212BR1TGW10247 Plaxton Pointer B34F 9610HJZ5165  
  42404 P404 MLA Dennis Dart SLF SFD212BR1TGW10251 Plaxton Pointer B34F 9610HJZ5166
  42405 P405 MLA Dennis Dart SLF SFD212BR1TGW10256 Plaxton Pointer B34F 9610HJZ5167  
  42406 P406 MLA Dennis Dart SLF SFD212BR1TGW10257 Plaxton Pointer B34F 9610HJZ5168
  42455 R455 CCV Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11603 Plaxton Pointer B35F 9710.7HLB7734
  42641 N341 EUY Dennis Dart SLF SFD212BR1SGW10117 Plaxton Pointer DP33F 9610HJZ4758
  42889 VX 54 MUC Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18017 Plaxton Pointer B37F 4223/1
  42890 VX 54 MUO Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18018 Plaxton Pointer B37F 4223/2
  42891 VX 54 MUP Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18019 Plaxton Pointer B37F 4223/3
  43475 R475 CAH Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11833 Plaxton Pointer B37F 9810.7HLB8127
  43869 EG 52 FFL Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GWA6697 SCC B29F 4297/02
  43870 EG 52 FFT Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GWA6722 SCC B29F 4314/02
  43871 EG 52 FFV Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GWA6742 SCC B29F 4310/02
  43872 EG 52 FFU Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GWA6753 SCC B29F 4311/02
  43873 EG 52 FFJ Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GWA6685 SCC B29F 4293/02
  43874 EG 52 FFY Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GWA6769 SCC B29F 4321/02
  46103 K903 CVW Ds Dt 9SDL3016/973 Pn B35F 929HMN0652
  46929 N829 FLW Ds Dt 9SDL3053/2860 Pn B32F 959.2HWN4509
  46930 N830 FLW Ds Dt 9SDL3053/2861 Pn B32F 959.2HWN4510
  46931 N831 FLW Ds Dt 9SDL3053/2862 Pn B32F 959.2HWN4511
  46932 N832 FLW Ds Dt 9SDL3053/2863 Pn B32F 959.2HWN4512
  47001 N301 XAB Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/2611 Pn DP35F 9510HXN3971    
  47002 N302 XAB Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/2612 Pn DP35F 9510HXN3972   
  47003 N303 XAB Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/2613 Pn DP35F 9510HXN3973   
  47005 N305 XAB Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/2624 Pn DP35F 9510HXN3975   
  47006 N306 XAB Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/2625 Pn DP35F 9510HXN3976
  47007 N307 XAB Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/2626 Pn DP35F 9510HXN3977   
  47008 N308 XAB Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/2627 Pn DP35F 9510HXN3978
  47011 N311 XAB Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/2637 Pn DP35F 9510HXN3981   
  47013 N313 XAB Ds Dt 9.8SDL3054/2639 Pn DP35F 9510HXN3983   
  50282 W313 DWX Optare Solo M850 VN6420 Optare B27F 6420
  51012 L812 SAE MB 709D WDB6690032N011530 Pn B22F 967MHV1546
  51265 N265 JUG MB 709D WDB6690032N038100 Pn B22F 967MHV4961
  51268 N268 JUG MB 709D WDB6690032N038166 Pn B22F 967MHV4964
  51275 N275 JUG MB 709D WDB6690032N038381 Pn B22F 967MHV4971
  51276 N276 JUG MB 709D WDB6690032N038318 Pn B22F 967MHV4972
  52501 R501 CNP MB O814D WDB6703732N067111 Pn B22F 98.78MWV8289
  52502 R502 CNP MB O814D WDB6703732N067031 Pn B22F 98.78MWV8287
  52503 R503 CNP Mercedes O814D WDB6703732N067034 Plaxton B22F 98.78MWV8288
  52504 R504 CNP MB O814D WDB6703732N067111 Pn B22F 98.78MWV8289
  52511 S511 RWP MB O814D WDB6703732N067104 Pn B22F 98.78MWV8296
  52518 S518 RWP MB O814D WDB6703732N066958 Pn B22F 98.78MWV8303
  52520 S520 RWP MB O814D WDB6703732N066951 Pn B22F 98.78MWV8305
  52521 S521 RWP MB O814D WDB6703732N066947 Pn B22F 98.78MWV8306
  52553 S553 RWP MB O814D WDB6703732N073559 Pn B22F 98.78MWV8338
  52554 S554 RWP MB O814D WDB6703732N073446 Pn B22F 98.78MWV8339
  52556 S556 RWP MB O814D WDB6703732N073645 Pn B22F 98.78MWV8341
  52558 S558 RWP MB O814D   Pn B22F  
  52559 S559 RWP MB O814D   Pn B22F  
  52560 S560 RWP MB O814D   Pn B22F  
  53040 VU 02 PKX Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000000801 Optare B22F  
  53043 VU 03 YJV Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001142 Optare B26F  
  53045 VU 03 YJX Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001144 Optare B26F  
  53046 VU 03 YJY Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001145 Optare B26F  
  53702 LK 05 DXP Oe M780 SAB19000000001702 Oe B21F  
  53703 LK 05 DXR Oe M780 SAB19000000001703 Oe B21F  
  53704 LK 05 DXS Oe M780 SAB19000000001704 Oe B21F  
  53705 LK 05 DXT Oe M780 SAB19000000001705 Oe B21F  
  53706 LK 05 DXU Oe M780 SAB19000000001706 Oe B21F  
  54097 LT 02 NVC MB 411CDI WDB9046632R311904 Komm B13F 8051768
  60374    J461 OVU Vo B10M-50 27174 NC B49F 4178
  61013 N475 JUG Dennis Lance SFD211BR2SGL10544 Plaxton B49F 9611.9HAL5159   
  61016 N478 JUG Dennis Lance SFD211BR2TGL10567 Plaxton B49F 9611.9HAL5162   
  62714 G114 HNP Ld LX2R11C15Z4R LX1719 Ld B49F  
  62717 G117 HNP Ld LX2R11C15Z4R LX1722 Ld B49F  
  62730 G130 HNP Ld LX2R11C15Z4R LX1747 Ld B49F  
  62733 G133 HNP Ld LX2R11C15Z4R LX1750 Ld B49F  
  62744 G144 HNP Ld LX2R11C15Z4R LX1774 Ld B49F  
  62745 G145 HNP Ld LX2R11C15Z4R LX1775 Ld B49F  
  62747 G147 HNP Ld LX2R11C15Z4R LX1778 Ld B49F  
  66614 G114 ENV Vo B10M-55 YV31MGC17LA022969 Du DP51F 8921/1111
  66962 KX 05 MHY Vo B7RLE YV3R6G6205A103977 Wt B43F H795
  66963 KX 05 MHZ Vo B7RLE YV3R6G6225A103978 Wt B43F H796
  66964 KX 05 MJE Vo B7RLE YV3R6G6215A104006 Wt B43F H797
  66965 KX 05 MJF Vo B7RLE YV3R6G6235A104007 Wt B43F H798
  66966 KX 05 MJJ Vo B7RLE YV3R6G6275A104169 Wt B43F H799
  66967 KX 05 MJK Vo B7RLE YV3R6G6235A104170 Wt B43F H800
  66976 KX 05 MGZ Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6255A104672 Wright Eclipse B43F H811
  66977 KX 05 MHA Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6275A104673 Wright Eclipse B43F H812
  66978 KX 05 MHE Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6295A104674 Wright Eclipse B43F H813
  66979   KX 05 MHF Volvo B7RLE   YV3R6G6235A104718 Wright Eclipse B43F   H814
  66980 KX 05 MHJ Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6235A104721 Wright Eclipse B43F H815
  66981 KX 05 MHK Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6215A104801 Wright Eclipse B43F H816
  66982 KX 05 MHL Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6245A104839 Wright Eclipse B43F H817
  66983 KX 05 MHM Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6265A104907 Wright Eclipse B43F H818
  66984 KX 05 MHN Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6205A104840 Wright Eclipse B43F H819
  66985 KX 05 MHO Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6225A104970 Wright Eclipse B43F H820
  66986 KX 05 MHU Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6245A104971 Wright Eclipse B43F H821
  66987 KX 05 MHV Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6265A104972 Wright Eclipse B43F H822
  67600 SN 53 KKY Transbus E300 SFD213AR13GG10134 Tbs DP46F 3011/1
  67111 L821 HCY Dennis Lance 11SDA3112/213 Pn DP45F 9311.9HYL1665
  67113 L823 HCY Dennis Lance 11SDA3112/216 Pn DP45F 9311.9HYL1663
  67114 L824 HCY Dennis Lance 11SDA3112/219 Pn DP45F 9311.9HYL1667
  67115 L825 HCY Dennis Lance 11SDA3112/220 Pn DP45F 9311.9HYL1669
  67117 L817 HCY Dennis Lance 11SDA3112/208 Pn DP45F 9311.9HYL1661
  67118 L818 HCY Dennis Lance 11SDA3112/209 Pn DP45F 9311.9HYL1662
  67119 L819 HCY Dennis Lance 11SDA3112/212 Pn DP45F 9311.9HYL1663
  67120 L820 HCY Dennis Lance 11SDA3112/217 Pn DP45F 9311.9HYL1664
  67201 L201 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/211 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2211
  67202 L202 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/283 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2212
  67203 L203 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/284 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2213
  67205 L205 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/286 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2215
  67206 L206 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/287 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2216
  67207 L207 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/288 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2217
  67208 L208 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/289 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2218
  67209 L209 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/290 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2219
  67210 L210 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/291 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2220
  67211 L211 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/292 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2221
  67212 L212 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/293 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2222
  67213 L213 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/294 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2223
  67215 L215 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/296 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2225
  67214 L214 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/295 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2224
  67216 L216 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/297 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2226
  67217 L217 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/298 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2227
  67219 L219 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/300 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2229
  67220 L220 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/301 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2230
  67231 L231 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/312 Pn B51F 9311.9HYL2579 
  67232 L232 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/313 Pn B51F 9311.9HYL2580 
  67233 L233 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/314 Pn B51F 9311.9HYL2581 
  67234 L234 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/315 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2582 
  67235 L235 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/316 Pn B51F 9311.9HYL2583 
  67236 L236 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/317 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2584 
  67237 L237 AAB Dennis Lance 11SDA3107/318 Pn B49F 9311.9HYL2585 
  67238 M238 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/411 Plaxton B49F 9511.9HAL3188
  67239 M239 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/412 Plaxton B49F 9511.9HAL3189 
  67240 M240 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/413 Pn B49F 9511.9HAL3190 
  67241 M241 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/414 Pn B49F 9511.9HAL3191 
  67242 M242 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/415 Pn B49F 9511.9HAL3192 
  67243 M243 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/416 Pn B49F 9511.9HAL3193 
  67244 M244 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/417 Plaxton B49F 9511.9HAL3194 
  67245 M245 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/418 Plaxton B49F 9511.9HAL3195 
  67246 M246 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/419 Plaxton B49F 9511.9HAL3196
  67247 M247 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/420 Plaxton B49F 9511.9HAL3197 
  67248 M248 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/421 Pn B49F 9511.9HAL3198
  67249 M249 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/422 Pn B49F 9511.9HAL3199 
  67250 M250 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/423 Plaxton B49F 9511.9HAL3200 
  67251 M251 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/424 Pn B51F 9511.9HAL3201 
  67252 M252 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/425 Pn B51F 9511.9HAL3202 
  67253 M253 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/426 Plaxton B51F 9511.9HAL3203 
  67254 M254 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/427 Plaxton B51F 9511.9HAL3204 
  67255 M255 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/432 Plaxton B51F 9511.9HAL3840 
  67256 M256 MRW Dennis Lance 11SDA3113/433 Plaxton B49F 9511.9HAL3841 
  67301 M221 EAF Dennis Lance 11SDA3201/193 Wt B34F T131
  67311 ODZ 8911 Dennis Lance 11SDA3202/116 Wt B39F S117
  67312 ODZ 8912 Dennis Lance 11SDA3202/117 Wright B39F S128
  67313 ODZ 8913 Dennis Lance 11SDA3202/118 Wt B39F S129
  67314 ODZ 8914 Dennis Lance 11SDA3202/119 Wt B39F S130
  67315 ODZ 8915 Dennis Lance 11SDA3202/120 Wt B39F S131
  67318 ODZ 8918 Dennis Lance 11SDA3202/126 Wt B??F S136
  67319 ODZ 8919 Dennis Lance 11SDA3202/128 Wright B39F S139
  67321 ODZ 8921 Dennis Lance 11SDA3202/131 Wright B33F S142
  67322 ODZ 8922 Dennis Lance 11SDA3202/132 Wt B34F S143
  67323 ODZ 8923 Dennis Lance 11SDA3202/125 Wright B33F S137
  67324 ODZ 8924 Dennis Lance 11SDA3202/103 Wright B34F S114
  67644 VX 54 MSU Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10193 Ar B44F 4301/14
  67645 VX 54 MSY Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10194 Ar B44F 4301/15
  67646 VX 54 MTE Alexander Dennis E300 SFD113AR14GG10195 Ar B44F 4301/16
  68508 KX 54 AHU BMC 1100FE NMC111TKCRD200003 BMC B60F  
  68520 KP 54 AZU BMC 1100FE NMC111TKCRD200022 BMC B60F  
  Demo SN 08 AAF Alexander Dennis E300 SFD176AR27GG30329 Alexander Dennis B45F 7303/1

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