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EVERGREEN Coaches Limited
The Coach Depot, Alma Street, SMETHWICK, B66 2RL

   Registration  Chassis  Chassis number  Body  Body number  Former registrations
  IIG 6394 Volvo Olympian OLY-56 YV3YNA419VC027833 Alexander H51/30D 9627/9 (P259PSX)
  OSV 677 Volvo B12 YV3R2EX19PA000548 Van Hool CH??/??CT 31738 (L977KDT/LSK613L977KDT)
  RUI 2053 Volvo B10M-62 YV31M2B19TA044881 Plaxton C49FT 9612VUP4699 (N252KFR)
  RUI 2058 Volvo Olympian OLY-56 YV3YNA416VC027997 Alexander H51/30D 9627/28 (P278PSX)
  RUI 6689 Volvo B10M-62 YV31M2B12TA044883 Plaxton C49FT 9612VUP4756 (N254KFR/OUI3268)
  SUI 6582 DAF DB250WB505 XLVDE02HS0H003675 Optare Spectra H48/29F 8578 (L123ELJ)
  SUI 6583 DAF DB250WB505 XLVDE02HS0H003678 Optare Spectra H48/29F 8581 (L126ELJ)
  SUI 6584 DAF DB250WB505 XLVDE02HS0H002919 Optare Spectra H48/29F 8503 (K104VLJ)
  SUI 6585 DAF DB250WB505 XLVDE02HS0H003390 Optare Spectra H48/29F 8519 (L118ALJ)
  THZ 3385 Volvo B10M-60 YV31M2F15TA045777 Plaxton C70F 9612VUM4823 (P168 KBD)
  THZ 3386 Volvo B10M-60 YV31M2F14TA045740 Plaxton C70F 9612VUM4824 (P169 KBD)
  THZ 3387 Volvo B10M-60 YV31M2F1XTA045760 Plaxton C70F 9612VUM4825 (P170 KBD)
  THZ 3389 Volvo B10M-60 YV31M2F18TC060309 Plaxton C70F 9612VUM4826 (P171 KBD)
  THZ 3390 Volvo B10M-60 YV31MA612VA046303 Plaxton C70F 9612VUM3087 (P 16 CJT/P454BAP)
  THZ 3391 Volvo B10M-60 YV31MA51XVC060603 Plaxton C70F 9712VUM7171 (R184 DNH)
  THZ 3392 Volvo B10M-60 YYV31MA51XVC060603 Plaxton C70F 9712VUM7167 (R182 DNH)
  YSV 797 Volvo B12 YV3R2A212WA006402 Berkhof CH57/16CT 3678 (R519RGM/ROI7435/R519RGM)
  HST 110X Volvo B12B YV3R8F8265A102074 Plaxton C49FT 0412TKL5791 (YN54WWG/Y 30HMC/YN54WWG)
  B  1 AVY Mercedes Touro WEB63420323000117 Mercedes C53F   (BX54ECA/ROI8358/BX54ECA)
  B 19 GOO Mercedes 413CDI WDB9046632R338031 Excel M16   (BX02UPP/LO02BUZ)
  H 13 MNY Volvo B12B(T) YV3R8L32091130139 Volvo C37FT P085066 (FN09 AOU)
  M 18 BOT Scania K114EB4 YS2K4X20001849122 Irizar C49FT 102541 (YN55PXL)
  R 18 AVY Scania K124EB4 YS2K4X20001849250 Irizar C49FT 102782 (YN55PXM)
  R 19 AVY Scania K124IB4 YS2K4X20001849174 Irizar C49FT 102560 (YN55NDO)
  T118 NDY Volvo B10M-62 YV31MA6101A053163 Plaxton C49FT 0112VUT4015 (Y 93HTX/RUI6686)
  T200 NDY Mercedes 1022L WDB9702452L180556 Sitcar C33F 2344 (YJ58 LXP)
  T300 NDY Volvo B12B YV3R8G1124A014788 Jonkheere C49FT    
  T500 NDY Scania K124EB6 YS2K6X20001846560 Berkhof CH51/12T 4743 (YN04AHZ)
  T600 NDY Volvo B12B YV3R8G1144A014789 Jonkheere C49FT 26850 (A 16GOO)
  T800 NDY Neoplan N122/3 WAG3012261SP32429 Neoplan CH57/18CT 1222817 (YN51XML)
  T900 NDY Scania K124EB6 YS2K6X20001844569 Berkhof CH51/12T 4738 (TUI 4857, T200 NDY, YN 53 GDX)
  W466 EON Setra S315GT-HD WKK32600001015033 Setra C48FT   (W466EON/B  1AVY)
unused W431 RBB Sca K124IB4 1836449 VH C44FT 36004  
  BJ 03 JHX Mercedes Touro WEB63420323000089 Mercedes C53F   (BJ03JHX/ 62DEW)
  MR 05 AVY Scania K124EB4 YS2K4X20001849100 Irizar C49FT 102536 (YN05WJF)
  BV 07 FXY Mercedes 111CDI WDF63970523301759 Mercedes M8    
  TH 07 NDY Mercedes O816 WDB6703742N125495 Ferqui C32F 21 (746) (YX07AYF)
  WA 58 AOT Mercedes 1022L WDB9702452L195885 Sitcar C29F 2352 (WA 58 AOT
  BU 14 FHH Mercedes 113CDI WDF63970523880128 Mercedes M8    
  BU 14 FHJ Mercedes 113CDI WDF63970523880554 Mercedes M8    
  BU 14 FHK Mercedes 113CDI WDF63970523880648 Mercedes M8    
  BU 14 FHL Mercedes 113CDI WDF63970523880395 Mercedes M8    
  DO 14 WEN VDL FHD1.129 XNL501E100D002830 VDL C53FT    
  AT17 NDY VDL FDD2-141/510 XNL603R100E036351 VDL CH94FT 36351  
  Vehicles thought to be withdrawn, but still owned
  OUI 3291 Vo B10M-53 9569 Je CH56/5FT 19518 (C731YEF/ESU981/MIL9415/C728MDS)
  RUI 6684 Vo B10M-53 YV31MED11FA009853 Je CH54/13FT 19661 (B711EOF/WSV555/B711EOF)
  SVO 628 Vo B12 YV3R2EX12SA001730 VH CH56/14CT 32007 (LSK831/LSK611/N599RGD)
  Vehicles now left the fleet
  IIG 6391 Volvo Olympian OLY-56 YV3YNA418VC027807 Alexander H51/30D 9627/2 (P252PSX)
  IIG 6392 Volvo Olympian OLY-56 YV3YNA41XVC027839 Alexander H51/30D 9627/12 (P262PSX)
  IIG 6393 Volvo Olympian OLY-56 YV3YNA417VC027829 Alexander H51/30D 9627/7 (P257PSX)
  IIG 9286 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C6191A001391 Plaxton President H43/??F 7231 (Y167NLK)
  IIG 9287 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61X1A001402 Plaxton President H43/??F 7232 (Y168NLK)
  IIG 9291 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C6131A001404 Plaxton President H43/??F 7240 (Y176NLK)
  IIG 9296 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C6151A001405 Plaxton President H43/??F 7242 (Y178NLK)
  IIG 9298 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C6191A001388 Plaxton President H43/??F 7244 (Y197NLK)
  IIG 9329 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G5121A001502 Plaxton President H43/??F 7422 (Y246NLK)
  IIG 9249 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C5171A001530 Plaxton President H43/27F 7452 (Y236NLK)
  MIJ 3409 Vo B10M-53 9570 Je CH54/13DT  19656 (B705E0F)
  OUI 3294 Vo B10M-61 YV31MGD15JA017958 Is C53F 88GB057VL (F107SSE)
  PUI 8155 Vo B10M-50 YV31MGB12LA022959 Ar H47/37F RV50/189/6 (G690PNS)
  PUI 8160 Vo B10M-50 YV31MGB19LA022912 Ar H47/37F RV50/189/3 (G687PNS)
  PUI 9310 Vo B10M-50 YV31MGB13LA024025 Ar H47/37F RV50/189/43 (G543RDS)
  PUI 9313 Vo B10M-50 YV31MGB15LA022910 Ar H47/37F RV47/1489/21  (G300OGE)
  RBD 215 DAF SBR2300DHS585 243752 Je CH57/14CT 18895 (A131MFL/318DHR/A675VSK)
  RUI 2055 MB 814D WDB6703132N043146 RH C25F 1085 (P580HKN/P 14AMB/FXI 253/P154FRS)
  RUI 2057 Sca N113DRB 1818824 Ar H47/31F RH85/1790/28 (H639VNW)
  SUI 6581 DAF DB250WB505 XLVDE02HS0H002920 Optare Spectra H48/29F 8500 (K101VLJ/B 10AVY/K101VLJ)
  E476 YWJ Au N122/3 88 144 87 Au CH57/20CT   (E476YWJ/YSV797)
  H464 UGO Ds Dt 8.5SDL3003/218 Ce B28F C25.102  
  H465 UGO Ds Dt 8.5SDL3003/219 Ce B28F C25-103  
  J516 GCD Ds Dt 9.8SDL3017/763 Ar B41F AM88/1591/37    
  J520 GCD Ds Dt 9.8SDL3017/769 Ar B41F AM88/1591/41  
  K557 NHC Ds Dt 9.8SDL3017/983 Ar B40F AM92/1591/93  
  K586 ODY Ds Dt 9.8SDL3017/1082 Ar B40F AM92/1591/119  
  K587 ODY Ds Dt 9.8SDL3017/1220 Ar B40F AM92/1591/120  
  L  5 GML Vo B6-50 5362 NC B31F 4705  
  L104 PWR Volvo B6-50 005481 Alexander B40F AM109/3193/18  
  R706 VLX Marshall Minibus SMVFBL1RKTC105106 Marshall B26F MM.056  
  T200 NDY Scania K124EB6 1844569 Berkhof CH51/12T 4738 (YN53GDX)
  T900 NDY Neoplan N122/3 WAG3012261SP32425 Neoplan CH57/18CT 1222813 (YN51XMV)
  BX 12 CDN King Long XMQ6800 LA6R1CSB0BB204265 King Long C??FT    

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