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DISCOUNT TRAVEL Solutions Limited,




 Chassis Number


 Body number

1 KV03 ZFN Transbus Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW87026 Plaxton Pointer B29F 2083/6
2 SN51 SXU Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2BR31GW15933 Plaxton Pointer B29F 0124/5
3 NA52 AWZ Dennis Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW86922 Plaxton Pointer B25F 2054/15
4 KV03 ZFW Transbus Dart SLF SFD6BACR32GW87031 Plaxton Pointer B29F 2083/17
  Vehicles now left the fleet
  R935 FOO Dennis Dart SLF SFD212BR1VGW11915 Alexander ALX300 B34F 9706/6
  S929 PDD Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1WGW12437 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9741/44
  X179 CTG Dennis Dart SLF SFD3612BR1YGW14543 Plaxton Pointer B30F 008.8GKB2489
  R823 HCD Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1WGW12165 Alexander ALX300 B37F 9741/5

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