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Mike DE COURCEY Travel Limited, Stonebridge Trading Estate, Rowley Drive, COVENTRY, CV3 4FG

   Fleetnumber  Registration  Chassis  Chassis number  Body  Body number  previous registrations
  MB2 KU 63 XCL Mercedes 513CDI WDB9066552S790115 EVM M15    
  MB4 KY 63 BUP Mercedes 513CDI WDB9066552S790117 EVM M15    
  MB7 KM66 XTC Mercedes 514CDI WDB9066552P320909 ?  M16    
  MB8 KM66 XYL Mercedes 514CDI WDB9066552P321398 ?  M16    
  MD15 FN 62 CME Volvo B9R YV3S5P721CA155180 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043046  
  MD16 FN 62 CKY Volvo B9R YV3S5P728CA155179 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043045  
  MD17 FJ 13 EAA Volvo B9R YV3S5P721CA155196 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043047  
  MD18 FJ 13 EAC Volvo B9R YV3S5P728CA155213 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043048  
  MD19 FJ 13 EAF Volvo B9R YV3S5P720CA155240 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043049  
  MD20 FJ 13 EAG Volvo B9R YV3S5P727CA155252 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043050  
  MD21 FJ 13 EAK Volvo B9R YV3S5P729CA155253 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043051  
  MD22 FJ 13 EAM Volvo B9R YV3S5P720CA155254 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043052  
  MD23 FJ 13 EAO Volvo B9R YV3S5P728CA155079 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043053  
  MD24 FJ 13 EAP Volvo B9R YV3S5P724CA155080 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043054  
  MD25 FJ 13 EAW Volvo B9R YV3S5P726CA155081 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043055  
  MD26 FJ 13 EAX Volvo B9R YV3S5P724CA155094 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043056  
  MD27 FJ 13 EAY Volvo B9R YV3S5P726CA155095 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043057  
  MD28 FJ 13 EBA Volvo B9R YV3S5P725CA155136 Caetano Levante C48FLT F123043058  
  MD29 CV 09 COV MAN A91 WMAA91ZZ38C010391 Marcopolo Viaggio III C51FTL    
  MD30 FJ 61 EXZ Volvo B9R YV3S5P721CA152167 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043140  
  MD31 BV 17 GOK Scania YS2K6X20001901279 Caetano Levante F173043002  
  MD32 BV 17 GOP Scania   Caetano Levante    
  MD33 BV 17 GOU Scania   Caetano Levante    
  MD34 BV 17 GOX Scania   Caetano Levante    
  MD35 BV 17 GPE Scania   Caetano Levante    
  MD36 BV 17 GPF Scania   Caetano Levante    
  MD37 BV 17 GPJ Scania   Caetano Levante    
  MD38 BV 17 GPK Scania   Caetano Levante    
  MD39 BV 17 GPO Scania   Caetano Levante    
  MD40 BV 17 GPU Scania   Caetano Levante    
  MD41 BV 17 GPX Scania   Caetano Levante    
  MD42 BV 17 GPY Scania   Caetano Levante    
  MD43 BV 17 GPZ Scania   Caetano Levante    
  28 MJI 8428 Mercedes Touro WEB63420323000067 Mercedes C49FT   (BX04NAE)
  29 MJI 3529 Mercedes Touro WEB63420323000053 Mercedes C53F   (03-G-1441/BW52OUH)
  62 MJI 7862 Mercedes Touro WEB63420323000057 Mercedes C53F   (03-G-2487/BW52OVC)
  63 MJI 7863 Volvo B10M-62 YV31MA619WC060964 Plaxton Premiere 350 C53F 9812VUP9483 (S755CKO)
  64 MJI 2364 Volvo B12M YV3R9H4191A000123 Jonckheere Mistral C49FT 25954 (NV51YCS)
  67 MJI 2367 Mercedes Touro WEB63420323000058 Mercedes C53F   (03-G-2491/BW52OZJ)
  70 MJI 2370 Volvo B10M-62 YV31MA610WC060965 Plaxton Premiere 350 C53F 9812VUP9484 (S756CKO)
  73 MJI 2365 MAN 18.360 WMAA51ZZ45C006129 Marcopolo Viaggio C51FTL 1.??.R.1309 (PN06KTG/MJI7472)
  74 MJI 2366 MAN 18.360 WMAA51ZZ05C006130 Marcopolo Viaggio C51FTL 2.06.R.0F1310 (PN06TKD)
  75 DC 07 MDC MAN 18.360HOCL WMAR33ZZ96C007721 Marcopolo Viaggio III C53FTL 03.07.0F1434  
  76 CV 08 COV MAN 18.350 WMAA91ZZ87C009610 Marcopolo Viaggio III C51FTL 10.07.OF.1485  
  78 CV 06 COV Mercedes Touro WEB63420323000157 Mercedes C49FT   (BU06CSY)
  79 MJI 7861 Mercedes Touro WEB63420323000017 Mercedes C49FT   (03-DL-1398/BW52PZO/V 40BAY/BW52PZO)
  80 MJI 2369 Mercedes Touro WEB63420323000022 Mercedes C49FT   (BF52SYW)
  81 BF16 XRO Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523000693 Mercedes C49FT    
  82 BF16 XRP Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523000694 Mercedes C49FT    
  83 BF16 XRR Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523000693 Mercedes C49FT    
  101 SHZ 5737 Scania K340EB6 YS2K6X20001857627 Caetano Levante C61FLT F073043031 (FJ57KHZ)
  102 FH 06 EBL Volvo B12B YV3R8G12X6A113919 Caetano C49FLT F063043016  
  103 FN 07 BYX Scania K340EB6 YS2K6X20001857470 Caetano Levante C61FLT F073043024  
  104 FN 07 BZB Scania K340EB6 YS2K6X20001857561 Caetano Levante C61FLT F073043027  
105 FJ 07 DWN Volvo B12B YV3R8G1216A115137 Caetano Levante C49FLT F063043029
  106 FH 06 EAW Volvo B12B YV3R8G1296A113894 Caetano Levante C49FLT F063043014  
  107 FN 06 FLH Volvo B12B YV3R8G1286A113322 Caetano Levante C49FLT F063043010  
  108 FJ 06 URO Volvo B12B YV3R8G1236A113325 Caetano Levante C49FLT F063043013  
  109 FN 06 FMC Volvo B12B YV3R8G1216A113324 Caetano Levante C49FLT F063043012  
  111 FH 05 URN Volvo B12B YV3R8G1275A102844 Caetano C49FLT F053043013  
  112 FH 05 URO Volvo B12B YV3R8G1225A102847 Caetano C49FLT F053043014  
  113 FJ 60 KVL Volvo B9R YV3S5P724BA144644 Caetano C48FT F103043073  
  114 FJ 11 MLZ Volvo B9R YV3S5P729BA148852 Caetano C48FT F113043043  
  115 FJ 60 KVH Volvo B9R YV3S5P72XAA142721 Caetano C48FT F103043071  
  116 FJ 11 MMX Volvo B9R YV3S5P726BA148954 Caetano C48FT F113043050  
  117 FJ 61 EXS Volvo B9R YV3S5P720CA152161 Caetano C48FT F113043134  
  119 FJ 61 EXV Volvo B9R YV3S5P726CA152164 Caetano C48FT F113043137  
  120 FJ 11 MMO Volvo B9R YV3S5P721BA148893 Caetano C48FT F113043048  
  121 FJ 11 GKE Volvo B9R YV3S5P727BA148770 Caetano C48FT F113043041  
  122 FJ 60 EFY Volvo B9R YV3S5P72XAA142329 Caetano C48FT F103043048  
  123 FJ 60 EFX Volvo B9R YV3S5P726AA142215 Caetano C48FT F103043042  
  124 FJ 60 EGZ Volvo B9R YV3S5P720AA142100 Caetano C48FT F103043041  
  541 AE 54 JRO MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ54H003106 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-026  
  542 AE 54 JRU MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ74H003107 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-027  
  543 AE 54 JRV MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ14H003121 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-029  
  544 AE 54 JRX MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ34H003122 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-030  
  545 AE 54 MVW MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ44H003128 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-032  
  546 AE 54 MVX MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ64H003129 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-033  
  547 AE 54 MVY MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ24H003130 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-034  
  548 AE 54 NUH MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ44H003212 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-038  
  549 AE 54 MWA MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ24H003290 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-037  
  550 AE 05 EVD MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ74H003298 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-045  
  556 AE 06 OPH MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ36C006733 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-130  
  558 AE 05 OVC MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ34H003329 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-065  
  559 AE 07 DZJ MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ76C007271 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-137  
  560 AE 07 DZP MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ56C006720 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-102  
  562 AE 07 DZX MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ06C007984 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-197  
  563 AE 07 NZR MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ56C008161 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-204  
  564 AE 57 CMX MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ96C007496 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-226  
  565 AE 57 CMY MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ46C007499 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-227  
  566 AE 57 CMZ MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ26C007470 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-244  
  568 AE 57 CNN MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ76C008162 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-205  
  569 AE 57 FBC MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ76C008159 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-203  
  572 CV 07 COV Optare X1260 SABNWTAS07L280075 Optare Tempo B35F   (YJ 07 VRG)
  573 AE 12 AZF Mercedes OC500 WEB63442021000454 MCV Evolution 2 B42F MCV-573  
  574 AE 62 EPK Mercedes OC500 WEB63442021000455 MCV Evolution 2 B42F MCV-???  
  575 BX 54 EBD Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62804023106225 Mercedes B43F    
  580 BV17 CMO Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U520HA183420 MCV B46F    
  581 BV17 CMU Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U521HA183421 MCV B46F    
  802 CV 10 KOV Scania N230UD4 SZAN4X20001868177 Optare Olympus CH47/26F C73902  
  803 V303 GLB Dennis Trident 2 SFD111BR1XGX20525 Alexander ALX400 H45/26F 9916/22  
  804 V309 GLB Dennis Trident 2 SFD111BR1XGX20536 Alexander ALX400 H45/26F 9916/28  
  805 V310 GLB Dennis Trident 2 SFD111BR1XGX20537 Alexander ALX400 H45/26F 9916/29  
  806 V312 GLB Dennis Trident 2 SFD111BR1XGX20539 Alexander ALX400 H45/26F 9916/31  
  807 LV 52 HHM Dennis Trident 2 SFD33GBR32GX42474 Alexander ALX400 H45/26F 2028/11  
  808 LV 52 HHO Dennis Trident 2 SFD33GBR32GX42476 Alexander ALX400 H45/23D 2028/13  
  809 LV 52 HHS Dennis Trident 2 SFD33GBR32GX42481 Alexander ALX400 H45/26F 2028/15  
  810 LV 52 HHW Dennis Trident 2 SFD33GBR32GX42484 Alexander ALX400 H45/26F 2028/18  
  811 X285 NNO Dennis Trident 2 SFD311BR1YGX21190 Alexander ALX400 H47/30F 0002/25  
  812 X286 NNO Dennis Trident 2 SFD311BR1YGX21191 Alexander ALX400 H47/30F 0002/26  
  813 X319 NNO Dennis Trident 2 SFD311BR1YGX21225 Alexander ALX400 H47/30F 0002/59  
  814 X389 NNO Dennis Trident 2 SFD311BR1YGX21229 Alexander ALX400 H47/30F 0002/63  
  815 V325 KGW Dennis Trident 2 SFD123BR1XGX20812 Alexander ALX400 H47/20D 9939/24  
  816 V314 KGW Dennis Trident 2 SFD123BR1XGX20788 Alexander ALX400 H47/??F 9939/14  
  817 V315 KGW Dennis Trident 2 SFD123BR1XGX20795 Alexander ALX400 H47/20D 9939/15  
  818 MJI 2368 Dennis Trident 2 SFD123BR1XGX20753 Alexander ALX400 H47/20D 9939/7 (V307KGW)
  819 MJI 3751 Dennis Trident 2 SFD311BR1XGX20587 Alexander ALX400 H47/20D 9915/6 (V104MEV)
  820 V328 KGW Dennis Trident 2 SFD123BR1XGX20815 Alexander ALX400 H47/20D 9939/27  
  821 LY 02 OAW Dennis Trident 2 SFD134BR22GX42214 Alexander ALX400 H43/20D 2001/13  
  822 LY 02 OBG Dennis Trident 2 SFD134BR22GX42243 Alexander ALX400 H43/20D 2001/21  
  823 BC 51 NFE Volvo B7TL YV3S2G5132A001719 Alexander ALX400 H49/27F 0108/41 (01-D-10226)
  824 BC 51 NFR Volvo B7TL YV3S2G5112A001718 Alexander ALX400 H49/27F 0108/40 (01-D-10225)
    00-D-40090 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C6101A001215 Alexander ALX400 H49/27F 0006/54  
  826 LG 52 XYO Dennis Trident 2 SFD148BR22GX22329 Alexander ALX400 H43/20D 2035/4  
  827 LX03 BZB Dennis Trident 2 SFD33GBR53GX42779 Alexander ALX400 H43/??F 2090/15  
  828 LX03 BWJ Dennis Trident 2 SFD33GBR32GX42539 Alexander ALX400 H45/22D 2071/11  
    LX03 NGY Dennis Trident 2 SFD33GBR53GX42903 Alexander ALX400 H43/??F 2108/28  
    LX03 NGZ Dennis Trident 2 SFD33GBR53GX42904 Alexander ALX400 H43/??F 2108/29  
  833 LX03 ORV Dennis Trident 2 SFD33GBR53GX42873 Alexander ALX400 H43/??F 2108/49  
  834 LX03 BYG Dennis Trident 2 SFD33GBR53GX42713 Alexander ALX400 H43/??F 2072/28  
    LX03 ORK Dennis Trident 2 SFD33GBR53GX42847 Alexander ALX400 H43/??F 2108/43  
  1001 YJ 12 GWX Optare Versa SABWW0EC0BL320351 Optare B38F    
  1002 YJ 12 GWY Optare Versa SABWW0EC0BL320352 Optare B38F    
  1003 YJ 12 GWZ Optare Versa SABWW0EC0BL320353 Optare B38F    
2001 BD 12 OVF Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808323124282 Mercedes B27D
  2002 BD 12 OVG Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808323124283 Mercedes B27D    
  2003 BD 12 OVH Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808323124284 Mercedes B27D    
  2004 BD 12 OVJ Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808323124285 Mercedes B27D    
  2005 BD 12 OVK Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808323124286 Mercedes B27D    
  2006 BD 12 OVL Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808323124287 Mercedes B27D    
  2007 BD 12 OVM Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808323124288 Mercedes B27D    
  2008 BD 12 OVN Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808323124289 Mercedes B27D    
  2009 BD 12 OVO Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808323124290 Mercedes B27D    
  2010 BD 12 OVP Mercedes Citaro O530 WEB62808323124291 Mercedes B27D    
  2012 LX03 CAE Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GWC7082 Transbus B27D 2088/5  
  2013 LX03 CBU Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR32GWC7086 Transbus B27D 2088/9  
  2014 LX53 LGF Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR43GWC7546 Transbus B27D 3037/7  
  2015 LX53 LGO Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR43GWC7546 Transbus B27D 3037/7  
    LX53 LGV Transbus Dart SLF SFD2BACR43GWC7548 Transbus B27D 3037/9  
  Preserved vehicles
    VWK 239 Daimler CVG6 19483 Metro-Cammell H33/27R 585/520  
  Vehicles now left the fleet
  MB1 KY 63 BYZ Mercedes 513CDI WDB9066552S790114 EVM M15    
  MB3 KY 63 BKE Mercedes 513CDI WDB9066552S790118 EVM M15    
  MB5 FG 64 YZL Mercedes 313CDI WDB9066332S875818 Mercedes M13    
  MB6 FG 64 YZM Mercedes 313CDI WDB9066332S875816 Mercedes M13    
  MD 1 FJ 11 MKZ Volvo B9R YV3S5P72XBA148956 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043052  
  MD 2 FJ 11 GKO Volvo B9R YV3S5P726BA148632 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043027  
  MD 3 FJ 11 GMF Volvo B9R YV3S5P720BA148500 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043020  
  MD 4 FJ 11 GKL Volvo B9R YV3S5P720BA148528 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043025  
  MD 5 FJ 11 GME Volvo B9R YV3S5P728BA148499 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043019  
  MD 6 FJ 11 GKD Volvo B9R YV3S5P720BA148769 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043040  
  MD 7 FJ 11 GKN Volvo B9R YV3S5P722BA148529 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043026  
  MD 8 FJ 11 GJV Volvo B9R YV3S5P724BA148676 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043034  
  MD 9 FJ 11 GKZ Volvo B9R YV3S5P728BA148468 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043013  
  MD10 FJ 11 MLU Volvo B9R YV3S5P729BA149077 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043059  
  MD11 FJ 11 GMG Volvo B9R YV3S5P722BA148501 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043021  
  MD12 FJ 11 GKG Volvo B9R YV3S5P727BA148526 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043023  
  MD13 FJ 11 GKF Volvo B9R YV3S5P725BA148525 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043022  
  MD14 FJ 11 GKK Volvo B9R YV3S5P729BA148527 Caetano Levante C48FLT F113043024  
  23 Y 23 OXF Volvo B10M-62 YV31MA6121A052376 Plaxton C53F 0112VUS3114  
  24 Y 24 OXF Volvo B10M-62 YV31MA6141A052377 Plaxton C45FT 0112VUS3115  
  51 G369 YUR Leyland Olympian ONCL10/1RZ ON11204 Alexander RL H43/33F RL48/4188/6 (G364YUR/A  4MWD/MJI3751)
  65 MJI 2365 Volvo B10M-62 YV31MA617TC060182 Jonkheere C53F 24202 (97-CE-920)
  65 N604 FJO Volvo B10B YV3R13F16SA001996 Plaxton Verde B51F 9611.9VEL4076 (N604FJO/MJI2364)
  66 N607 FJO Volvo B10B YV3R13F17SA002168 Plaxton Verde B51F 9611.9VEL4079 (N607FJO/MJI2365)
  68 MJI 2368 Leyland Lynx LX2R11C15Z4R LX1755 Leyland DP47F   (G267EOG)
  68 G758 HEF Leyland Olympian ONCL10/1RZ ON11209 Alexander RL H43/33F RL48/4188/1 (G369YUR/MJI2368)
  72 MJI 7472 Volvo B10M-62 YV31MA616VA047504 Van Hool C53F 33050 (R902JGA/KSK952/R902JGA)
  101 A101 WVP MCW Metrobus GR133/1 MB7592 MCW H43/30F    
  102 A102 WVP MCW Metrobus GR133/1 MB7593 MCW H43/30F    
  102 FJ 57 KHX Scania K340EB6 YS2K6X20001857604 Caetano Levante C61FLT F073043029  
  107 A107 WVP MCW Metrobus GR133/1 MB7598 MCW H43/30F    
  110 G110 NGN Volvo B10M-50 23032 Northern Counties H47/38F 3931  
  113 G113 NGN Volvo B10M-50 YV31MGC10LA023039 Northern Counties H47/38F 3934  
  114 G114 NGN Volvo B10M-50 YV31MGB16LA023502 Northern Counties H47/38F 3940  
  122 G122 NGN Volvo B10M-50 23506 Northern Counties H47/38F 3948  
  180 G180 EOG Leyland Lynx LX2R11C15Z4R LX1642 Leyland B49F    
  360 F360 WSC Leyland Olympian ONCL10/2RZ ON11147 Alexander RH H51/34F RH62/5088/7  
  363 F363 WSC Leyland Olympian ONCL10/2RZ ON11150 Alexander RH H51/34F RH62/5088/10  
  409 YJ 59 GGP Optare M880SL SABEN3AF09L193474 Optare B25F    
  468 N468 VOD Mercedes 709D WDB6690032N042025 Alexander B23F 9526/131  
  508 POG 508Y MCW DR102/27 MB6909 MCW H43/30F    
  524 HV 52 WTF Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR32GW16403 SCC B37F 4253/02  
  531 AF 53 EUU MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZZ3H002815 MCV Evolution B39F MCV-002  
  532 AF 53 EUV MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZZ3H002817 MCV Evolution B39F MCV-003  
  533 AF 53 EUW MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZZ3H002825 MCV Evolution B39F MCV-004  
  534 AE 04 PFV MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZZ3H002726 MCV Evolution B38F MCV-001  
  536 POG 536Y MCW Metrobus DR102/27 MB6937 MCW H43/30F    
  552 AE 55 EHR MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ85C005835 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-068  
  553 AE 55 VGM MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ45C005847 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-073  
  554 AE 06 OPJ MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ06C006785 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-118  
  555 AE 06 OPK MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ86C006789 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-120  
  557 AE 56 LWH MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ36C007266 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-136  
  561 AE 07 DZR MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ36C007977 MCV Evolution B40F MCV-196  
  567 POG 567Y MCW Metrobus DR102/27 MB6968 MCW H43/30F    
  570 LN 51 DVB Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16277 Marshall C39 CapitalBus B25F C39.785  
  571 LN 51 DVC Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16278 Marshall C39 CapitalBus B25F C39.786  
  576 YJ 62 FPK Optare Versa V1100 SABWW3AL0CS320535  Optare B37F    
  577 YJ 62 FSE Optare Versa V1100 SABWW3AL0CS320536 Optare B37F    
  578 YJ 62 FSS Optare Versa V1100 SABWW3AL0CS320537 Optare B37F    
  579 YJ 62 FTN Optare Versa V1100 SABWW3AL0CS320545 Optare B37F    
  600 YN 54 ALO Scania CN94UA YS2N6X20001846862 Scania AB48T    
  630 ROX 630Y MCW Metrobus DR102/27 MB7128 MCW H43/30F    
  656 ROX 656Y MCW Metrobus DR102/27 MB7156 MCW H43/30F    
  663 ROX 663Y MCW Metrobus DR102/27 MB7299 MCW H43/30F    
  666 ROX 666Y MCW Metrobus DR102/27 MB7152 MCW H43/30F    
  671 A671 UOE MCW Metrobus DR102/27 MB7305 MCW H43/30F    
  706 A706 UOE MCW Metrobus DR102/27 MB7340 MCW H43/30F    
  740 A740 WVP MCW Metrobus DR102/27 MB7610 MCW H43/30F    
  748 A748 WVP MCW Metrobus DR102/27 MB7618 MCW H43/30F    
  762 C762 OCN MCW Metrobus DR102/55 MB8553 MCW H46/31F    
  801 BN 10 BHV Scania N230UD4 SZAN4X20001868176 Optare Olympus CH47/26F C73901 (CV 10 COV)
  861 P861 VFG Scania N113DRB YS4ND4X2B01828381 East Lancs Cityzen H47/31F B18401  
  862 P862 VFG Scania N113DRB YS4ND4X2B01829008 East Lancs Cityzen H47/31F B18402  
  863 P863 VFG Scania N113DRB YS4ND4X2B01829009 East Lancs Cityzen H47/31F B18403  
  864 P864 VFG Scania N113DRB YS4ND4X2B01829125 East Lancs Cityzen H47/31F B18404  
    JHA 246L Leyland Leopard PSU3B/2R 7300696 Marshall B49F 35062  
    OJD 215R Leyland Fleetline FE30AGR 7603765 MCW H44/24D    
    R772 LHP Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11530 Marshall B43F C39.097  
    V246 BNV Dennis Dart SLF SFD612BR1XGW13945 Plaxton B29F 998.8GKB1466  
    V388 SVV Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13703 Plaxton B37F 9910.7HLB1458  
    FE 51 OAD LDV Convoy SEYZMVSHEDN076621 LDV M16    
    KX 04 HPN Optare Solo M990 SAB19000000001474 Optare B35F    
    KP 54 BYJ Dennis Dart SLF SFD3CACR44GW18165 Alexander B39F    
    YJ 12 GYK Optare Tempo X1200 SABMW6AS0BL280202 Optare B41F    

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