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CLARIBEL Coaches Limited, 10 Fortnum Close, TILE CROSS, Birmingham, B33 0JT




 Chassis number


 Body number

YJ 53 VDL DAF DE02CSSB200 XMGDE02CS0H010348 Wright B44F G665
YJ 54 CEO VDL DE02CSSB200 XMGDE02CS0H012154 Wright B44F J320
YJ 54 CKL VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H011601 East Lancashire H51/29F 50602
YJ 55 KZX VDL DE02CSSB200 XMGDE02CS0H011100 Wright B44F J400
YJ 56 KCV VDL SB200 XMGDE02CS0H013371 Plaxton Centro B40F 0610.7LAA6401
YJ 57 BOF VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H015769 Wright B44F AB023
YJ 58 FDV VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H016501 Wright B44F AB126
YJ 59 BCU VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H018281 Wright B44F AC907
YJ 10 DHX VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H018283 Wright B44F AC908
YJ 60 GHF VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H018310 Wright B44F AC947
YJ 60 GJF VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H018311 Wright B44F AC948
MX61 BAV Alexander Dennis E20D SFD1D1AR5AGY11776 Alexander Dennis B29F  
YJ 12 CHG VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H020720 Wright B44F AF564
YJ 12 CHH VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H020719 Wright B44F AF563
YJ 12 CKN VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H020718 Wright B44F AF562
YJ 12 CKO VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H020717 Wright B44F AF561
YJ 62 JZG VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H021262 Wright B44F AH112
YJ 62 JZH VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H021263 Wright B44F AH113
YJ 13 HJC Optare Versa V1210 SABYW4AB0DS320556 Optare B38F  
YJ 13 HJD Optare Versa V1210 SABYW4AB0DS320572 Optare B38F  
YJ 13 HJE Optare Versa V1210 SABYW4AB0DS320573 Optare B38F  
YJ 14 CCE VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H022623 Wright B44F AK204
YJ 14 CCF VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H022622 Wright B44F AK203
YX 17 NYU Alexander Dennis E20D   Alexander Dennis B??F  
YX 17 NYV Alexander Dennis E20D   Alexander Dennis B??F  
YX 17 NYW Alexander Dennis E20D   Alexander Dennis B??F  
YX 17 NYY Alexander Dennis E20D   Alexander Dennis B??F  
YX 17 NYZ Alexander Dennis E20D   Alexander Dennis B??F  
Vehicles now left the fleet
H536 YCX DAF SB200LC550 325418 Optare B49F 5062
H537 YCX DAF SB200LC550 329722 Optare B49F 5061
T290 ROF Volvo B6BLE YV3R3A910XC010019 Wright B43F B13
V385 KVY Optare Excel L1150 VN9427 Optare B45F 9426
V386 KVY Optare Excel L1150 VN9426 Optare B45F 9427
V387 KVY Optare Excel L1150 VN9428 Optare B45F 9428
V388 KVY Optare Excel L1150 VN9429 Optare B45F 9429
V389 KVY Optare Excel L1150 VN9430 Optare B45F 9430
V390 KVY Optare Excel L1150 VN9431 Optare B45F 9431
V392 KVY Optare Excel L1150 VN9432 Optare B45F 9432
V393 KVY Optare Excel L1150 VN9433 Optare B45F 9433
V394 KVY Optare Excel L1150 VN9434 Optare B45F 9434
X 92 FOR Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW14451 SCC B33F 4133
YD 02 RCX DAF DE02CSSB200 XMGDE02CS0H009569 Wright B44F F318
YD 02 RCY DAF DE02CSSB200 XMGDE02CS0H009570 Wright B44F F319
YD 02 RCZ DAF DE02CSSB200 XMGDE02CS0H009571 Wright B44F F320
YJ 03 PKA DAF DE02CSSB200 XMGDE02CS0H010246 Wright B44F F722
YJ 54 CEA VDL DE02CSSB200 XMGDE02CS0H012150 Wright B44F J316
YJ 54 CEF VDL DE02CSSB200 XMGDE02CS0H012151 Wright B44F J317
YJ 54 CEK VDL DE02CSSB200 XMGDE02CS0H012152 Wright B44F J318
YJ 54 CEN VDL DE02CSSB200 XMGDE02CS0H012153 Wright B44F J319
MX 55 XGM Alexander Dennis Enviro300 SFD211AR15GG10220 Alexander Dennis B62F 5304/3
YJ 56 JXX VDL DE02CSSB200 XMGDE02CS0H014162 Wright B44F AA251
YJ 57 BOH VDL SB200 XMGDE02FS0H015768 Wright B44F AB022

BIRMINGHAM INTERNATIONAL Coaches Limited, 10 Fortnum Close, TILE CROSS, Birmingham, B33 0JT
 Registration  Chassis  Chassis number  Body  Body number  Former registrations
B  1 BHX Volvo B13R YV3T2P523BA146952 Jonkheere C36FT 29817 (BX11 GVG)
B  3 BHX Bova XHD122-340 XL9158AK310320694 Bova C49FT   (YJ06 GKV)
B  4 BHX Bova MHD122.410MX XL9158EF511320301 Bova C49FT   (YJ08 NSF)
B  5 BHX Bova FHD127.365 XL9AA38R834003056 Bova C53FT   (YJ09 FHM)
FJ 60 EHW Volvo B13R YV3T2P525AA141458 Jonkheere C32FT 29467  
YJ 11 AOK Bova FHD127.365 XL9AA38RA34003696 Bova C53FT     
BX 12 CWG Volvo B13R  YV3T2P42XCA156235 Jonkheere C36FT -?-  
YJ 12 KFO Bova FHD127.365 XL9AA38RB35003085 Bova C53FT     
YJ 62 NEO VDL FHD2 139.410  XNL501R100D001592 VDL C45FT 12501  
YJ 13 GZB Van Hool TX15 YE2X15SH249D55045 Van Hool C49FT 55045  
YJ 13 HTO VDL FHD2 129.365 XNL501E100D002254 VDL C53FT    
RX 14 AOE Mercedes 519CDI WDB9066572S924926 EVM C19F    
YD 14 GDX VDL FHD2 129.365 XNL501E100D002913 VDL C53FT    
YJ 14 BXH Van Hool TX15 YE2X15SH249D55210 Van Hool C49FT 55210  
YK 15 OKE Bova FHD127.365 XNL501E100D004239 Bova C??FT    
BJ 15 TWD Volvo B11R YV3T2U821FA170182 Jonkheere C57FT    
BU16 UYK Volvo B11R YV3T2U82XGA175656 Jonkheere C59FT    
YK16 SOC Bova FHD127.365 XNL501E100D005178 VDL C53FT    
YK16 SOE Bova FHD127.365 XNL501E100D005067 VDL C53FT    
Vehicles now left the fleet
B  2 BHX Bova FHD12.340 XL9AA18P531003893 Bova C49FT   (YJ05XWR)
B  4 BHX Bova FHD12-340 XL9AA18P431003474 Bova C49FT   (YK04FWA)
B  5 BHX Bova FHD12-370 XL9AA18CG19003083 Bova C49FT   (Y663HWY)
B  6 BHX Bova FHD13-340 XL9AA38P431003736 Bova C53FT   (YJ05XWO)
B 10 BHX Bova MHD131.460MX XL9259EK511320207 Bova C53FT   (YJ57 EYT)
PN 10 FOA Volvo B9TL YV3S4P923AA138686 Optare H61/39F C735