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 Allocation  Fleetnumber  Registration  Chassis  Chassis number  Body  Body number  Former registrations
Wigston 4001 TUI 7931 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G62X6A115391 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA144 (FJ06ZPX)
Wigston 4002 TUI 7932 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6216A115392 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA145  (FJ06ZPW)
Wigston 4003 TUI 7933 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6296A115446 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA146  (FJ06ZPV)
Wigston 4004 TUI 7934 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6206A115447 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA147  (FJ56OBD)
Wigston 4005 TUI 7935 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6276A115073 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA148  (FJ06ZRL)
Wigston 4006 TUI 7936 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6286A115101 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA149  (FJ56OBC)
Wigston 4007 TUI 7937 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G62X6A115102 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA150  (FJ56OBE)
Wigston 4008 TUI 7938 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6226A115448 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA151  (FJ56OBF)
Wigston 4009 TUI 7939 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6246A115449 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA152  (FJ56OBG)
Wigston 4010 TUI 7940 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6216A115702 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA153  (FJ56OBH)
Wigston 4011 UUI 2908 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6236A115703 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA154  (FJ56OBK)
Wigston 4012 UUI 2907 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6256A115704 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA155  (FJ56OBL)
Wigston 4013 UUI 2905 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6276A115705 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA156  (FJ56OBM)
Wigston 4014 UUI 2906 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6296A115737 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/29F AA157  (FJ56OBN)
Wigston 4015 UUI 2944 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G61X1A001464 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E070  (LJ51DFL)
out of use 4016 UUI 2914 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G6151A001467 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E071  (LJ51DFN)
Aylesbury 4017 UUI 2913 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G5131A001489 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E072  (LJ51DFO)
out of use 4018 UUI 2910 Volvo B7TL YV3S2G51X1A001490 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E073  (LJ51DFP)
Aylesbury 4019 UUI 2945 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C61X1A001506 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E074  (LJ51DFU)
out of use 4020 UUI 2952 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C6181A001505 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E075  (LJ51DFV)
Aylesbury 4021 UUI 2951 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C6111A001507 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E076  (LJ51DFX)
Aylesbury 4022 UUI 2950 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C6111A001541 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E077  (LJ51DFY)
out of use 4023 UUI 2949 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C5131A001542 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E078  (LJ51DFZ)
out of use 4024 UUI 2948 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C5151A001543 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E079  (LJ51DGE)
out of use 4025 UUI 2947 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C5191A001545 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E080  (LJ51DGF)
Wigston 4026 UUI 2946 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C5101A001546 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E081  (LJ51DGO)
Wigston 4027 UUI 2953 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C5171A001544 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E082  (LJ51DGU)
Wigston 4028 UUI 2909 Volvo B7TL YV3S2C5151A001557 Wright Eclipse Gemini H41/25F E083  (LJ51DGV)
Tamworth 4200 FJ 08 LVL Volvo B9TL YV3S4J8258A126340 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F AB730  
Wigston 4201 FJ 08 LVM Volvo B9TL YV3S4J8278A126341 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F AB731  
Wigston 4202 FJ 08 LVN Volvo B9TL YV3S4J8298A126342 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F AB732  
Wigston 4203 FJ 08 LVO Volvo B9TL YV3S4J8208A126343 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F AB733  
Wigston 4204 FJ 08 LVP Volvo B9TL YV3S4J8298A126566 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F AB734  
Wigston 4205 FJ 08 LVR Volvo B9TL YV3S4J8208A126567 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F AB735  
Wigston 4206 FJ 08 LVS Volvo B9TL YV3S4J8248A126605 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F AB736  
Wigston 4207 FJ 08 LVT Volvo B9TL YV3S4J8288A126722 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/29F AB737  
Wigston 4208 FJ 58 KXF Volvo B9TL YV3S4N32X9A129959 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC559  
Wigston 4209 FJ 58 KXG Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3289A129958 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC560  
Wigston 4210 FJ 58 KXH Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3209A130182 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC561  
Wigston 4211 FJ 58 KXK Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3229A130233 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC562  
Wigston 4212 FJ 58 KXL Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3229A130345 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC563  
Derby 4213 FJ 58 KXM Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3239A130421 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC564  
Derby 4214 FJ 58 KXN Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3249A130346 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC565  
Derby 4215 FJ 58 KXO Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3229A130569 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC566  
Derby 4216 FJ 58 KXP Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3259A130422 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC567  
Wigston 4217 FJ 58 KXR Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3239A130600 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC568  
Derby 4218 FJ 58 KXS Volvo B9TL YV3S4N32X9A130805 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC569  
Derby 4219 FJ 58 KXT Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3219A130806 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC570  
Derby 4220 FJ 58 KXU Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3229A130913 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC571  
Derby 4221 FJ 58 KXV Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3249A130914 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC572  
Derby 4222 FJ 58 KXW Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3289A130933 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC573  
Derby 4223 FJ 58 KXX Volvo B9TL YV3S4N32X9A130934 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC574  
Derby 4224 FJ 58 KXY Volvo B9TL YV3S4N3219A131096 Wright Eclipse Gemini H43/27F AC575  
Aylesbury (t) 4362 W362 XKX DAF DE33WSSB3000 XMGDE33WS0H008114 Plaxton C53F 0012DSM2383  
withdrawn 4374 YJ 58 FJP Van Hool T917 YE2917SS345D53148 Van Hool C53FL 53148  
withdrawn 4380 YJ 58 FKA Van Hool T917 YE2917SS345D53154 Van Hool C53FL 53154  
withdrawn 4383 YJ 58 FHZ Van Hool T917 YE2917SS345D53157 Van Hool C53FL 53157  
withdrawn 4387 YJ 09 CXL Van Hool T917 YE2917SS345D53161 Van Hool C53FL 53161  
Derby 4400 YY 14 LHD Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7867 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E417/1  
Derby 4401 YY 14 LHE Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7871 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E417/2  
Derby 4402 YY 14 LHF Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7875 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E417/3  
Derby 4403 YY 14 LHG Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7877 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E417/4  
Derby 4404 YY 14 LHH Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7881 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E417/5  
Derby 4405 YY 14 LHJ Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7887 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E417/6  
Derby 4406 YY 14 LHK Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7890 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E417/7  
Tamworth 4407 YX 64 VMA Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7923 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E418/1  
Tamworth 4408 YX 64 VMC Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7932 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E418/2  
Tamworth 4409 YX 64 VMD Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7934 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E418/3  
Tamworth 4410 YX 64 VME Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7937 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E418/4  
Tamworth 4411 YX 64 VMF Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7947 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E418/5  
Tamworth 4412 YX 64 VMG Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7948 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E418/6  
Tamworth 4413 YX 64 VMH Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7953 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E418/7  
Tamworth 4414 YX 64 VMJ Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7957 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E418/8  
Tamworth 4415 YX 64 VMK Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7958 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E418/9  
Wigston 4416 YX 64 VOP Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7959 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E413/1  
Wigston 4417 YX 64 VOT Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7961 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E413/2  
Wigston 4418 YX 64 VOU Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7964 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E413/3  
Wigston 4419 YX 64 VOV Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7966 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E413/4  
Wigston 4420 YX 64 VOY Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7967 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E413/5  
Wigston 4421 YX 64 VPA Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7968 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E413/6  
Wigston 4422 YX 64 VPC Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7998 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E413/7  
Wigston 4423 YX 64 VPD Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD8000 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E413/8  
Wigston 4424 YX 64 VPE Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD8012 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E413/9  
Wigston 4425 YX 64 VPF Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD8014 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E413/10  
Wigston 4501 YX 16 OJA Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18941 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/1  
Wigston 4502 YX 16 OJB Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18942 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/2  
Wigston 4503 YX 16 OJC Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18943 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/3  
Wigston 4504 YX 16 OJD Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18944 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/4  
Wigston 4505 YX 16 OJE Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18945 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/5  
Wigston 4506 YX 16 OJF Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18946 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/6  
Wigston 4507 YX 16 OJG Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18947 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/7  
Wigston 4508 YX 16 OJH Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18948 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/8  
Wigston 4509 YX 16 OJJ Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18949 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/9  
Wigston 4510 YX 16 OJK Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18950 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/10  
Wigston 4511 YX 16 OJL Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18951 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/11  
Wigston 4512 YX 16 OJM Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18952 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/12  
Wigston 4513 YX 16 OJN Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18953 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/13  
Wigston 4514 YX 16 OJO Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18954 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/14  
Wigston 4515 YX 16 OJP Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18955 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/15  
Wigston 4516 YX 16 OJR Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18956 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/16  
Wigston 4517 YX 16 OJS Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18957 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/17  
Wigston 4518 YX 16 OJT Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18958 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/18  
Wigston 4519 YX 16 OJU Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18959 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/19  
Wigston 4520 YX 16 OJV Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18960 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/20  
Wigston 4521 YX 16 OJW Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18961 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/21  
Wigston 4522 YX 16 OJY Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18962 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F F453/22  
Thurmaston 4523 YX 16 OKA Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18994 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/1  
Thurmaston 4524 YX 16 OKB Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18995 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/2  
Thurmaston 4525 YX 16 OKC Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18996 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/3  
Thurmaston 4526 YX 16 OKD Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18997 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/4  
Thurmaston 4527 YX 16 OKF Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18998 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/5  
Thurmaston 4528 YX 16 OKG Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX18999 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/6  
Thurmaston 4529 YX 16 OKH Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX19000 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/7  
Thurmaston 4530 YX 16 OKJ Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX19001 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/8  
Thurmaston 4531 YX 16 OKK Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX19002 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/9  
Thurmaston 4532 YX 16 OKL Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX19003 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/10  
Thurmaston 4533 YX 16 OKM Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX19004 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/11  
Thurmaston 4534 YX 16 OKN Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX19005 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/12  
Thurmaston 4535 YX 16 OKO Alexander Dennis E40D SFDB32BR2GGX19006 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F G410/13  
Wigston 4536 YY67 HDA Alexander Dennis E40D   Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F    
Wigston 4537 YY67 HDC Alexander Dennis E40D   Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F    
Wigston 4538 YY67 HDD Alexander Dennis E40D   Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F    
Wigston 4539 YY67 HDE Alexander Dennis E40D   Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F    
Wigston 4540 YY67 HDF Alexander Dennis E40D   Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F    
Wigston 4541 YY67 HDG Alexander Dennis E40D   Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F    
Wigston 4542 YY67 HDH Alexander Dennis E40D   Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F    
Wigston 4543 YY67 HDJ Alexander Dennis E40D   Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F    
Wigston 4544 YY67 HDK Alexander Dennis E40D   Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F    
Wigston 4545 YY67 HDL Alexander Dennis E40D   Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F    
Wigston 4546 YY67 HDN Alexander Dennis E40D   Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC H43/30F    
Milton Keynes 4516 KE 51 PVK DAF DE12CSSB120 XMGDE12CS0H009448 Wright B35F E377  
High Wycombe 4517 KL 52 WCJ DAF DE12BSSB120 XMGDE12BS0H009980 Wright B39F F290  
High Wycombe 4518 KL 52 CWK DAF DE12BSSB120 XMGDE12BS0H010132 Wright B30F F291  
Milton Keynes 4519 KE 03 OUN DAF DE12BSSB120 XMGDE12BS0H010317 Wright B39F F686  
Milton Keynes 4520 KE 03 OUP DAF DE12BSSB120 XMGDE12BS0H010318 Wright B39F F687  
Milton Keynes 4525 KE 03 OUM DAF DE12BSSB120 XMGDE12BS0H010338 Wright B39F F701  
Milton Keynes 4532 LJ51 DFE DAF DE12CSSB120 XMGDE12CS0H009366 Wright B32F E331  
Derby 4600 FJ 64 ETZ Wrights Streetdeck SA9DDRSXX14141004 Wrights H45/29F AK621  
Oswestry 4707 Y707 XJF DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009178 East Lancashire H44/29F 38707  
Luton 4708 FE 51 YWH DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009179 East Lancashire H44/29F 38708  
Luton 4709 Y709 XJF DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009180 East Lancashire H44/29F 38709  
High Wycombe 4711 FE 51 YWJ DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009181 East Lancashire H44/29F 38710  
Luton 4712 FE 51 YWK DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009182 East Lancashire H44/29F 38711  
Luton 4713 FE 51 YWL DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009183 East Lancashire H44/29F 38712  
Luton 4714 FE 51 YWM DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009184 East Lancashire H44/29F 38713  
Luton 4721 FD 02 UKG DAF DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H009961 East Lancashire H44/29F 42305  
Aylesbury 4722 PN 52 XBG DAF DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H009962 East Lancashire H44/29F 42306  
Aylesbury 4741 PN 52 XRS DAF DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H009962 East Lancashire H44/29F 42325  
Thurmaston 4746 FJ 06 ZTO VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013952 Wright H41/26F K879  
Thurmaston 4747 FJ 06 ZTP VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013953 Wright H41/26F K880  
Thurmaston 4748 FJ 06 ZST VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013954 Wright H41/26F K881  
Thurmaston 4749 FJ 06 ZSU VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013955 Wright H41/26F K882  
Thurmaston 4750 FJ 06 ZSV VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013956 Wright H41/26F K883  
Thurmaston 4751 FJ 06 ZSW VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013957 Wright H41/26F K884  
Thurmaston 4752 FJ 06 ZSX VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013958 Wright H41/26F K885  
Thurmaston 4753 FJ 06 ZSY VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013959 Wright H41/26F K886  
Thurmaston 4754 FJ 06 ZSZ VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013994 Wright H41/26F K887  
Thurmaston 4755 FJ 06 ZTB VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013995 Wright H41/26F K888  
Thurmaston 4756 FJ 06 ZTC VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013996 Wright H41/26F K889  
Thurmaston 4757 FJ 06 ZTD VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013997 Wright H41/26F K890  
Thurmaston 4758 FJ 06 ZSD VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013998 Wright H41/26F K891  
Thurmaston 4759 FJ 06 ZSE VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H013999 Wright H41/26F K892  
Thurmaston 4760 FJ 06 ZSF VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014000 Wright H41/26F K893  
Thurmaston 4761 FJ 06 ZSG VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014001 Wright H41/26F K894  
Thurmaston 4762 FJ 06 ZSK VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014002 Wright H41/26F K895  
Thurmaston 4763 FJ 06 ZSL VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014003 Wright H41/26F K896  
Thurmaston 4764 FJ 06 ZSN VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014004 Wright H41/26F K897  
Thurmaston 4765 FJ 06 ZSO VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014005 Wright H41/26F K898  
Thurmaston 4766 FJ 06 ZSP VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014006 Wright H41/26F K899  
Thurmaston 4767 YJ 56 KFA VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014007 Wright H41/26F K900  
Thurmaston 4768 FJ 06 ZRN VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014008 Wright H41/26F K901  
Thurmaston 4769 FJ 06 ZRO VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014009 Wright H41/26F K902  
Thurmaston 4770 FJ 06 ZRP VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014010 Wright H41/26F K903  
Thurmaston 4771 YJ 56 KFC VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014011 Wright H41/26F K904  
Thurmaston 4772 YJ 56 KFD VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014012 Wright H41/26F K905  
Thurmaston 4773 YJ 56 KFE VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014013 Wright H41/26F K906  
Thurmaston 4774 YJ 56 KFF VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014014 Wright H41/26F K907  
Thurmaston 4775 YJ 56 KFG VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014015 Wright H41/26F K908  
Thurmaston 4776 YJ 56 KFK VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014016 Wright H41/26F K909  
Thurmaston 4777 YJ 56 KFL VDL DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H014017 Wright H41/26F K910  
Telford 4797 W368 VGJ DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H008070 Alexander ALX400 H45/??F 9931/3  
Telford 4803 Y485 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009073 Alexander ALX400 H45/??F 0057/9  
Telford 4806 X502 GGO DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H008678 Alexander ALX400 H45/??F 0036/8  
Telford 4807 X448 FGP DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H008694 Alexander ALX400 H45/??F 0036/25  
Milton Keynes 5001 KP 63 TDU Wright StreetLite WFEV  SA9DSRXXX13141194 Wright B37F AH533    
Milton Keynes 5002 KP 63 TDV Wright StreetLite WFEV  SA9DSRXXX13141195 Wright B37F AH534  
Milton Keynes 5003 KP 63 TDX Wright StreetLite WFEV  SA9DSRXXX13141196 Wright B37F AH535    
Milton Keynes 5004 KP 63 TDZ Wright StreetLite WFEV  SA9DSRXXX13141197 Wright B37F AH536  
Milton Keynes 5005 KP 63 TEJ   Wright StreetLite WFEV  SA9DSRXXX13141198   Wright B37F AH537    
Milton Keynes 5006 KP 63 TEO Wright StreetLite WFEV  SA9DSRXXX13141199  Wright B37F AH538   
Milton Keynes 5007 KP 63 TEU Wright StreetLite WFEV  SA9DSRXXX13141200 Wright B37F AH539  
Milton Keynes 5008 KP 63 TEV  Wright StreetLite WFEV  SA9DSRXXX13141201  Wright B37F AH540   
Thurmaston 5000 BX 04 MYG Mercedes O530G WEB62824323104712 Mercedes Citaro AB49T    
Thurmaston 5001 BX 04 MXG Mercedes O530G WEB62824323104581 Mercedes Citaro AB49T    
Thurmaston 5002 BX 04 MXK Mercedes O530G WEB62824323104596 Mercedes Citaro AB49T    
Thurmaston 5003 BX 04 MYA Mercedes O530G WEB62824323104726 Mercedes Citaro AB49T    
Thurmaston 5004 BX 04 MXH Mercedes O530G WEB62824323104582 Mercedes Citaro AB49T    
Thurmaston 5005 BX 04 MXS Mercedes O530G WEB62824323104663 Mercedes Citaro AB49T    
East Midlands Airport 5006 BX 04 NDU Mercedes O530G WEB62824323105169 Mercedes Citaro AB49T    
East Midlands Airport 5007 BX 04 MXN Mercedes O530G WEB62824323104628 Mercedes Citaro AB49T    
Luton 5421 W421 XKX Dennis Trident SFD321BR1YGX20917 Alexander H47/31F 9950/1  
Luton 5423 W423 XKX Dennis Trident SFD321BR1YGX20919 Alexander H47/31F 9950/3  
Luton 5425 W425 XKX Dennis Trident SFD321BR1YGX20921 Alexander H47/31F 9950/5  
Luton 5426 W426 XKX Dennis Trident SFD321BR1YGX20922 Alexander H47/31F 9950/6  
Luton 5427 W427 XKX Dennis Trident SFD321BR1YGX20923 Alexander H47/31F 9950/7  
Luton 5428 W428 XKX Dennis Trident SFD321BR1YGX20924 Alexander H47/31F 9950/8  
Luton 5429 W429 XKX Dennis Trident SFD321BR1YGX20925 Alexander H47/31F 9950/9  
Luton 5443 W443 XKX Dennis Trident SFD321BR1YGX20937 Alexander H47/31F 9950/21  
Luton 5445 W445 XKX Dennis Trident SFD321BR1YGX20938 Alexander H47/31F 9950/22  
Aylesbury 5459 YY 14 WFT Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7823 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E420/1  
Aylesbury 5460 YY 14 WFU Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD7825 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E420/2  
Aylesbury 5461 SN 15 LPK Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFFGXD8230 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E446/1  
Aylesbury 5462 SN 15 LPL Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD8204 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E446/2  
Aylesbury 5463 SN 15 LPO Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD8205 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E446/3  
Aylesbury 5464 SN 15 LPP Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD8206 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E446/4  
Aylesbury 5465 SN 15 LPU Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD8210 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E446/5  
Aylesbury 5466 SN 15 LPV Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD8213 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E446/6  
Aylesbury 5467 SN 15 LPX Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFFGXD8217 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E446/7  
Aylesbury 5468 SN 15 LPY Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFFGXD8216 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E446/8  
Aylesbury 5469 SN 15 LPZ Alexander Dennis E40D SFD4HSBRFEGXD8201 Alexander Dennis H45/31F E446/9  
Shrewsbury 6004 BU 03 HPZ Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001089 Optare B26F    
Oswestry 6005 BU 03 HRA Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001090 Optare B26F    
Oswestry 6006 FJ 04 PFX Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001299 Optare B26F    
Shrewsbury 6008 FJ 54 OTV Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001645 Optare B29F    
Shrewsbury 6009 FJ 54 OTW Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001646 Optare B29F    
Shrewsbury 6010 FJ 54 OTX Optare Solo M920 SAB19000000001647 Optare B31F    
Aylesbury 6000 KL 52 CWN DAF DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H010188 Alexander H45/23F 2040/1  
Aylesbury 6002 KL 52 CWP DAF DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H010190 Alexander H45/23F 2040/3  
Aylesbury 6003 KL 52 CWR DAF DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H010191 Alexander H45/23F 2040/4  
High Wycombe 6004 KL 52 CWT DAF DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H010210 Alexander H45/23F 2040/5  
Aylesbury 6008 KL 52 CWZ DAF DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H010259 Alexander H45/23F 2040/9  
Aylesbury 6010 KL 52 CXB DAF DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H010261 Alexander H45/23F 2040/11  
Aylesbury 6061 FD 02 UKP DAF DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H009950 East Lancs H44/29F 42313  
Aylesbury 6062 FD 02 UKE DAF DE02PSDB250 XMGDE02PS0H009915 East Lancs H44/29F 42303  
Hinckley 6100 YJ 58 CFF Optare Solo M880 SABEWMAF08R193293 Optare B23F    
withdrawn 6283 Y483 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009071 Alexander H43/22F 0057/7  
withdrawn 6289 Y489 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009077 Alexander H43/22F 0057/13  
withdrawn 6300 Y524 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009088 Alexander H43/19D 0057/24  
withdrawn 6301 Y501 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009089 Alexander H43/19D 0057/25  
High Wycombe 6302 Y502 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009090 Alexander H43/19D 0057/26  
High Wycombe 6303 Y503 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009091 Alexander H43/19D 0057/27  
withdrawn 6304 Y504 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009092 Alexander H43/18D 0057/28  
High Wycombe 6305 Y526 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009093 Alexander H43/19D 0057/29  
Aylesbury 6306 Y506 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009094 Alexander H43/18D 0057/30  
Aylesbury 6307 Y507 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009211 Alexander H43/19D 0067/1  
High Wycombe 6309 Y509 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009213 Alexander H43/19D 0067/3  
High Wycombe 6310 Y527 UGC DAF DE02RSDB250 XMGDE02RS0H009214 Alexander H43/19D 0067/4  
Luton 7001 BP17 URJ Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001080 Mercedes C55F    
Luton 7002 BP17 URK Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001081 Mercedes C55F    
Luton 7003 BP17 URL Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001082 Mercedes C55F    
Luton 7004 BP17 URM Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001083 Mercedes C55F    
Luton 7005 BP17 URN Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001085 Mercedes C55F    
Luton 7006 BP17 URO Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001086 Mercedes C55F    
Luton 7007 BP17 URR Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001087 Mercedes C55F    
Luton 7008 BP17 URS Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001088 Mercedes C55F    
Luton 7009 BP17 URT Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001089 Mercedes C55F    
Luton 7010 BP17 URU Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001090 Mercedes C55F    
Luton 7011 BP17 URV Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001091 Mercedes C55F    
Luton 7012 BP17 URW Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001092 Mercedes C55F    
Luton 7013 BP17 URX Mercedes Tourismo WEB63241523001093 Mercedes C55F    
Health Bus 9000 R423 TJW Scania L113CRL YS4LC4X2B01829890 Plaxton B--F 9711.9SJG8031  
Tamworth (t) 9500  6764 MW Scania K114IB4 YS2K4X20001846740 Irizar C49FT 96073  (CC53HOL)
Derby trainer 9501 V601 DBC Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A515YA006094 Alexander B44F 9947/1  
Thurmaston trainer 9504 V604 DBC Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A510YA006097 Alexander B44F 9947/4  
withdrawn 9505 V605 DBC Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A512YA006098 Alexander B44F 9947/5  
Thurmaston 9506 V606 DBC Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A513YA006126 Alexander B44F 9947/6  
withdrawn 9508 V608 DBC Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A517YA006128 Alexander B44F 9947/8  
Cannock trainer 9509 V609 DBC Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A519YA006129 Alexander B44F 9947/9  
Derby trainer 9511 V611 DBC Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A517YA006131 Alexander B44F 9947/11  
withdrawn 9525 M422 UNW Volvo B10B YV3R13F19SA001362 Alexander B51F AF19/294/13  
withdrawn 9526 M430 UNW Volvo B10B YV3R13F17SA001389 Alexander B51F AF19/294/21  
trainer 9549 YG 52 CMU DAF DE02BSSB120 XMGDE12BS0H009556 Wright B39F F257  
Thurmaston trainer 9550 KX 54 AVE VDL DE12BSSB120 XMGDE12BS0H011766 Wright B39F H136  
Derby trainer 9551 KX 54 AVD VDL DE12BSSB120 XMGDE12BS0H011767 Wright B39F H137  
Cannock trainer 9552 KE 55 CKU VDL DE02BSSB120 XMGDE12BS0H012382 Wright B39F J719  
Trainer 9553 KE 55 CKO VDL DE02BSSB120 XMGDE12BS0H012384 Wright B39F J721  
Aylesbury Trainer 9554 AE 06 OPG MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZX5C005836 MCV B44F MCV-069  
Aylesbury Trainer 9555 AE 56 MBF MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ05C005196 MCV B44F MCV-085  
Aylesbury Trainer 9556 AE 56 MBU MAN 14.220 WMAA66ZZ36C007008 MCV B44F    
trainer 9558 AE 56 MDV MAN 14.220 WMAA76ZZ75C005712 MCV B44F    

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