Arriva 2102
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21001 JJZ 5248 Dennis Dart SLF SFD6B2CR31GW16099 Plaxton Pointer B29F 018.8GBP4387 (DE51EWJ)
new to Bleasdale, Liverpool 11/01
to Mitchell, Plean 10/02
to Collison, Stonehouse 4/03
to Shevill, Carluke 5/03
acquired by Midland 11/05
to Arriva Midlands on takeover 9/12 allocated to Wednesfield
to Diamond 23/4/17

Walsall Bus Station
21st June 2017

Bradford Place, Walsall
13th May 2017
Operating for Arriva


13th February 2016


Location: Bradford Place, Walsall
16th March 2013
When operating for Midland

location: Bilston Bus Station
26th January 2013
When operating for Midland

Location: High Street, Bloxwich
26th April 2010

Location: Burton on Trent
19th May 2007

Location: St Pauls Street, Walsall
25th October 2005
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