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SPANGAP Limited, Churchlands Farm, HARBURY, Leamington Spa, CV33 9PL
Fleetnames: A&M
Garage: Village Club, Harbury & Churchlands Farm, HARBURY, Leamington Spa, CV33 9PL
(NS935) - updated 18/12/17

  Registration Chassis Chassis Number Body Body Number Former registrations
withdrawn S770 RNE Mercedes O814D WDB6703742N080376 Plaxton B20FL 998.5MXV0330
  YN 07 NUW Mercedes O814D WDB6703732N117852 Plaxton B17FL 067.8MXD6704
  MV 57 AWN Optare M880SL SABENMAF07R192684 Optare Solo B27F (S222JDC)
  YJ 58 CFD Optare M880 SABEWMAF08R193294 Optare Solo B23F
  YJ 58 CFE Optare M880 SABEWMAF08R193295 Optare Solo B23F
  YN 09 HRM Mercedes O813D WDB6703742N135153 Plaxton B20FL
  YN 09 HRO Mercedes O813D WDB6703742N135161 Plaxton B20FL
  YJ 59 NMO Optare M950SL SABFN4AF09L193534 Optare Solo B32F
  YJ 59 NMU Optare M950SL SABFN4AF09L193535 Optare Solo B32F
  YJ 59 NNP Optare M880 SABEW3AF09L193571 Optare Solo B27F
  YJ 15 AMX Optare Solo 8900SR SABLCB2A1FS291074 Optare B??F    
  YJ 66 AMX Optare Solo SABLDD2A3G291412 Optare B31F    
Vehicles now left the fleet
  S767 RNE Mercedes O814D WDB6703742N080293 Plaxton B20FL 998.5MXV0320
  S769 RNE Mercedes O814D WDB6703742N080359 Plaxton B20FL 998.5MXV0322
  Y853 DNV Mercedes O814D WDB6703742N092099 Plaxton B17FL 018.5MXW4244
  Y854 DNV Mercedes O814D WDB6703742N092070 Plaxton B17FL
  KU 52 RXK Mercedes O814D WDB6703742N091968 Plaxton B21FL
  YG 52 DFY Optare M920 SAB19000000000993 Optare Solo B31F
  YN 54 DCU Mercedes O814D WDB6703742N114931 Plaxton B21FL 048.5MXW5736
  YN 54 DCV Mercedes O814D WDB6703742N114971 Plaxton B21FL 048.5MXW5737
  YN 54 DCX Mercedes O814D WDB6703742N114972 Plaxton B21FL 048.5MXW5738
  YN 54 DDF Mercedes O814D WDB6703742N114973 Plaxton B21FL 048.5MXV5739
  YN 56 NHM Mercedes O814D WDB6703742N123785 Plaxton B20FL

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